WikiLeaks – News in the Networked Era

C Beckett author


Publisher:Polity Press

Published:6th Jan '12

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WikiLeaks is the most challenging journalistic phenomenon to have emerged in the digital era. It has provoked anger and enthusiasm in equal measure, from across the political and journalistic spectrum.

"A well-written and interesting account of WikiLeaks history" Discourse and Communication "An incisive overview of the Wikileaks saga and its implications." The Age "An excellent systematic documentation on the history of WikiLeaks and the controversial role of the founder." Digital Journalism "Would be an excellent text to assign in courses on journalism. It comes highly recommended, since it is full of insight, is easy to navigate and makes compelling arguments." Central European Journal of International and Security Studies "A cool-headed, astute analysis of the social, political and technological context in which the now infamous website was formed." Engineering and Technology "This excellent study is a fascinating insight into WikiLeaks and is the first bookt o examine this new phenomenon of the age." Orange Standard "In this terrific book, Charlie Beckett with James Ball weave the disparate threads of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks - the future of journalism, of statecraft, of secrecy - into a readable and compelling narrative. Essential for anyone interested in the future of free speech or global politics." Clay Shirky, New York University "A fascinating insight into Wikileaks, and what its version of transparency means for the ethics, focus and newly emerging forms of journalism in our time. Beckett and Ball have produced a book that combines timeliness with significance in its examination of the implications of Wikileaks for journalism." David A L Levy, University of Oxford "Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand one of the biggest revolutions for journalism, whistleblowing and freedom of information." Jo Glanville, Editor, Index on Censorship

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