Symptoms of a Heartbreak

Sona Charaipotra author


Publisher:Palgrave USA

Published:1st Aug '20

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Symptoms of a Heartbreak cover

Symptoms of a Heartbreak goes from romantic comedy highs to tearjerker lows and is the ultimate cure-all for readers needing an infusion of something heartfelt.

A teen becomes the youngest doctor in America in this heartfelt, laugh-out-loud YA contemporary rom-com.Most sixteen year-olds cause at least some damage on their path to adulthood. But Saira Sehgal has vowed to first do no harm. A girl genius, she’s the youngest MD in America - and she hasn’t picked an easy specialty: She’s working in the cancer ward. Saira’s always been good at getting what she wants, but she’s new to adult challenges - like getting out from under the thumb of her doting mother, who works at the same hospital; like proving herself to coworkers who don’t take her seriously; and crushing on a cute boy who happens to have stage-two leukemia. Turns out “heartbreak” is one ailment Saira still doesn’t know how to treat.

ISBN: 9781250250995

Dimensions: 206mm x 136mm x 25mm

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336 pages