1000 Symbols

What shapes mean in art and myth

Rowena Shepherd author Rupert Shepherd author


Publisher:Quarto Publishing PLC

Published:9th Jan '25


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1000 Symbols cover

Symbols are seen as an international language, but that language is far from universal. 1000 Symbols offers groupings of related symbols, each with a definition of its history and meanings.

Symbols are often seen as constituting an international language and to some extent they do, but that language is far from universal--context means everything in this complicated but engrossing form of communication.

Take, for example, a cross, a crane, or a swastika: each one has a different and distinct significance and meaning for a Buddhist, an art historian, or a student of the occult. 1000 Symbols resolves the problem by offering groupings of related symbols, every one with a neat definition of its history and its cross-cultural meanings.

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