This is a special Signed & Dedicated Edition, and has very limited quantity available

Voices of the Dead Signed & Dedicated Edition

Ambrose Parry author

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Canongate Books

Published: 15th Jun '23



This title is due to be published on 15th June, and will be despatched as soon as possible..

This hardback is available in another edition too:

The latest installment of the gripping Raven and Fisher mystery series

'Brilliantly conceived, fiendishly plotted' Mick Herron
'The immersive world of Ambrose Parry just gets better and better' Jess Kidd

In a city of science, discovery can be deadly . . .

In a time of unprecedented scientific innovation, the public's appetite for wonder has seen a resurgence of interest in mesmerism, spiritualism and other unexplained phenomena.

Dr Will Raven is wary of the shadowlands that lie between progress and quackery, but Sarah Fisher can't afford to be so picky. Frustrated in her medical ambitions, she sees opportunity in a new therapeutic field not already closed off to women.

Raven has enough on his hands as it is. Body parts have been found at Surgeons Hall, and they're not anatomy specimens. In a city still haunted by the crimes of Burke and Hare, he is tasked with heading off a scandal.

When further human remains are found, Raven is able to identify a prime suspect, and the hunt is on before he kills again. Unfortunately, the individual he seeks happens to be an accomplished actor, a man of a thousand faces and a renowned master of disguise.

With the lines between science and spectacle dangerously blurred, the stage is set for a grdeadly illusion . . .

ISBN: 9781838855475-S

Dimensions: 240mm x 162mm x 38mm

Weight: 680g

416 pages