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This Ragged Grace Signed & Dedicated Edition

A Memoir of Recovery and Renewal

Octavia Bright author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:1st Jun '23

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A beautiful, brave, ideas-rich, open and electric reckoning - with addiction, loss, self and hope in your twenties and thirties

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This Ragged Grace tells the story of Octavia's journey through recovery from alcohol addiction, and the parallel story of her father's descent into Alzheimer's. Looking back over this time, each of the seven chapters explores the feelings and experiences of the corresponding year of her recovery, tracing the shift in emotion and understanding that comes with the deepening connection to this new way of life. Over the course of this seven-year period, life continues to unfold. Paths are abandoned, people fall ill, waters get choppy, seemingly impossible things are navigated without the old fixes.As Octavia moves between London, the island of Stromboli, New York, Cornwall and Margate, each place offers something new but ultimately always delivers the same message: that wherever you go, you take yourself with you.

An extraordinary, electrifying book about loss, chaos, addiction and death, and the wild work of staying tender in the face of it -- OLIVIA LAING
The intelligence of the writing is a kind of grace in itself - light and deep and beautiful -- DEBORAH LEVY
This Ragged Grace examines the fragility of the self in exquisite detail. Generous, compelling, poignant and ultimately, life affirming; Bright has managed to capture the complexity of being human -- HEIDI JAMES
A truly enlightening read: poetic, courageous and surprising. Beautiful, intelligent prose and such a brave journey into art, family and the deep structures of an addictive personality. On top of that This Ragged Grace is a love letter to the sea and the wisdom we share with it. I loved it -- DORTHE NORS
An intellectually astute and open-hearted account of a life-turned-work-of-art, which draws its reader into conversation with our own attempts at renewal -- ELLENA SAVAGE

ISBN: 9781838857462-S

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256 pages