Collins Ultimate Quiz Night

10,000 Easy, Medium and Hard Questions with Picture Rounds

Collins Puzzles author


Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers

Published:1st Sep '22


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Collins Ultimate Quiz Night cover

A bumper-size quiz book with all new questions to test your general knowledge, with 500 quizzes and 10,000 questions. Includes 30 picture rounds to get you scratching your head!

Perfect for playing with friends and family.

Arranged in easy, medium and hard sections, these quizzes offer something for everyone.

Have a go at these questions:

Which acid is used in lead-acid car batteries?
Sulphuric acid.

How many eyes does a bee have?

Taking its name from one of the largest rivers in the nation, the kwanza is the currency of which African country?

This is the ideal gift for all budding quizzers, whether playing at home with friends and family, or practising for a night down the pub.

The answers are quick and easy to find so that anyone can pick this up and test themselves or play quiz master.

So here’s the perfect gift book (for the festive season or any time of the year!) that brings together the generations to enjoy a super-fun quiz night of trivia knowledge offering entertainment, education… and plenty of head scratching.
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ISBN: 9780008541606

Dimensions: 234mm x 153mm x 38mm

Weight: 480g

512 pages