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Faebound Signed First Edition

Saara El-Arifi author


Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers

Published:18th Jan '24

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Faebound cover

Book 1 in the enchanting new fantasy series from Sunday Times bestselling author of The Final Strife

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of THE FINAL STRIFE, comes an enchanting new trilogy.

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of THE FINAL STRIFE, comes an enchanting new trilogy.



‘A romantic fantasy of epic proportions, crackling with magic and passion’ SAMANTHA SHANNON, bestselling author of The Priory of the Orange Tree

‘A devastatingly romantic and breathtaking fantasy – opulent and sweeping, this book is unforgettable’ TASHA SURI, award-winning author of The Jasmine Throne

‘A stunning new spin on fae that will leave you gasping . . . an epic romance that’s brimming with heart’ KATE DYLAN, bestselling author of Mindwalker

‘The most imaginative take on a steamy faerie court I’ve read in forever, with a cascade of epic twists’ LAURA STEVEN, award-winning author of The Society for Soulless Girls

Yeeran is a warrior in the elven army and has known nothing but violence her whole life. Her sister, Lettle, is trying to make a living as a diviner, seeking prophecies of a better future.

When a fatal mistake leads to Yeeran’s exile from the Elven lands, they are both forced into the terrifying wilderness beyond their borders. There they encounter the impossible: the fae court.

The fae haven’t been seen for a millennium. But now Yeeran and Lettle are thrust into their seductive world – torn between their loyalty to each other, their elven homeland, and their hearts. . .


‘Featuring a love triangle, an enemies to lovers arc, and plenty of intrigue, this read will have you running the full gamut of emotions’ Huffington Post UK

‘El-Arifi is a game-changing new voice in epic fantasy, and The Final Strife is a triumph of book, full of rage, charm, and a cast of misfits you can't help but root for. There are no Chosen Ones here. Only bad choices and blood’
Tasha Suri, author of The Jasmine Throne

‘Epic, gripping and searing, The Final Strife weaves a fascinating tale of destiny, magic and love set in a richly imagined yet brutally divided world. Its unexpected, gritty heroine is one you cannot help but root for, and the story will stay with you long after the last page’
Sue Lynn Tan, author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess

‘El-Arifi tells a tale that is as fierce as its characters, plunging you into a sandy, stratified world until you can feel the grit between your teeth. Heart-wrenching and heart-pounding, The Final Strife is an unmissable debut’
Andrea Stewart, author of Bone Shard Daughter

‘Full of rich, vivid world-building with political intrigue and characters you can’t help but root for. I loved it’
Christina Sweeney-Baird, author of The End of Men

‘Epic fantasy turned on its head in the most compelling way imaginable. A heroine with bite, a supporting cast of flawed but deeply human characters, and world building that is raw, unforgiving and richly textured, The Final Strife is the real deal. El-Arifi is a bold new voice in epic fantasy and I cannot wait to read more of her work’
Kalynn Bayron, bestselling author of Cinderella Is Dead and This Poison Heart

‘A rip-roaring read!’
Taran Matharu, NYT bestselling author of the Summoner and Contender series

ISBN: 9780008596965-SF

Dimensions: 240mm x 159mm x 28mm

Weight: 270g

400 pages