What It Takes

My Playbook on Life and Leadership

Sarina Wiegman author Jeroen Visscher author


Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers

Published:9th Nov '23


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The Inspiring Journey of Sarina Wiegman and the Lionesses’ Rise to Success

Winning strategies of one of football’s most successful coachesWinning strategies of one of football’s most successful coaches

As FIFA's most decorated female football manager and a former player, Sarina Wiegman has led both the Netherlands and England women's national teams to historic victories. She stands out as a true pioneer in the game, and her coaching philosophy has earned her a reputation as one of the most successful coaches in football history.

This personal account of Sarina's life journey begins with her early passion for football, and covers her key moments on the pitch as well as her ascension to the top of the coaching world. Join Sarina as she talks us through her rollercoaster ride of victories and challenges, the tough decisions she had to make both on and off the pitch, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that saw her rise to become an indomitable figure in the world of sports.

And, it’s not just about the game. In a world where football has become more competitive than ever, Sarina's revolutionary approach to leadership, mentorship, and performance management has garnered global attention. In What It Takes we gain invaluable insight into Sarina’s unique philosophy, as she shares how she fostered an environment that values determination, teamwork, and mutual respect. A strong advocate for women in the sport, she outlines a transformative and inclusive future for football where everyone has an equal chance to shine, irrespective of gender.

‘Since Sarina joined, we’ve really taken our football to the next level and fully expressed ourselves on the pitch.’ Millie Bright, Lionesses defender and captain

‘Sarina gave me the chance to fulfil my wildest dreams. We won the Euros, and I was honoured as the best goalkeeper in the world.’ Mary Earps, Lionesses goalie

‘By establishing and strengthening my connections with others through my experience and skills, I can contribute significantly to the team's success. Sarina encouraged me to do just that, and it has had a positive effect.’ Lucy Bronze, Lionesses defender

‘She has brought us all together. She is a special person and puts us first as human beings.’ Leah Williamson, Lionesses defender and captain

‘Under Sarina's guidance, I am having the best years of my career with the Lionesses.’ Beth Mead, Lionesses striker

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