Wetland and Stream Rapid Assessments

Development, Validation, and Application

John Dorney editor Ralph W Tiner editor Rick Savage editor Paul Adamus editor


Publisher:Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Published:14th Aug '18

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Wetland and Stream Rapid Assessments cover

Wetland and Stream Rapid Assessments: Development, Validation, and Application describes the scientific and environmental policy background for rapid wetland and stream assessments, how such assessment methods are developed and statistically verified, and how they can be used in environmental decision-making—including wetland and stream permitting. In addition, it provides several case studies of method development and use in various parts of the world. Readers will find guidance on developing and testing such methods, along with examples of how these methods have been used in various programs across North America. Rapid wetland and stream functional assessments are becoming frequently used methods in federal, state and local environmental permitting programs in North America. Many governments are interested in developing new methods or improving existing methods for their own jurisdictions. This book provides an ideal guide to these initiatives.

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