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Janet Ahlberg author Allan Ahlberg author


Publisher:Penguin Random House Children's UK

Published:7th Sep '17


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Funnybones cover

A new edition of this beloved and bestselling Hallowe'en classic, including an audio CD read by Stephen Mangan.

This is how the story begins.
On a dark dark hill
there was a dark dark town.
In the dark dark town
there was a dark dark street . . .

This new edition of the classic story includes an accompanying CD, featuring the story read by acclaimed comic actor Stephen Mangan.

Janet and Allan's frightfully funny Hallowe'en classic tells the story of three skeletons - a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton - who venture out of their cellar one night to find someone to scare, only to find that everyone is in bed. Who will they scare now?!

ISBN: 9780141378282

Dimensions: 275mm x 214mm x 3mm

Weight: 221g

32 pages