The Oxford Handbook of Adam Smith

Craig Smith editor Christopher J Berry editor Maria Pia Paganelli editor


Publisher:Oxford University Press

Published:12th May '16

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Adam Smith (1723-90) is a thinker with a distinctive perspective on human behaviour and social institutions. He is best known as the author of the An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776). Yet his work is name-checked more often than it is read and then typically it is of an uninformed nature; that he is an apologist for capitalism, a forceful promoter of self-interest, a defender of greed and a critic of any 'interference' in market transactions. To offset this caricature, this Handbook provides an informed portrait. Drawing on the expertise of leading Smith scholars from around the world, it reflects the depth and breadth of Smith's intellectual interests. After an introductory outline chapter on Smith's life and times, the volume comprises 28 new essays divided into seven parts. Five sections are devoted to particular themes in Smith's corpus - his views on Language, Art and Culture; his Moral Philosophy; his Economic thought, his discussions of History and Politics and his analyses of Social Relations. These five parts are framed by one that focuses on the immediate and proximate sources of his thought and the final one that recognizes Smith's status as a thinker of world-historical significance - indicating both his posthumous impact and influence and his contemporary resonance. While each chapter is a discrete contribution to scholarship, the Handbook comprises a composite whole to enable the full range of Smith's work to be appreciated.

This ambitious volume, containing no fewer than 28 original contributions, covers every aspect of Adam Smith's work, providing assessment of his conclusions on economic and social progress and how far these might generate moral principles which would offer guidelines for governmental action. * Professor Sir Alan Peacock, DSC, BFA, FRSE *
This volume, edited by leading Adam Smith scholars, collects fresh contributions to the multidisciplinary understanding and interpretation of Adam Smith for all time. It is a most welcome and timely addition to the re-surging rediscovery of Adam Smith. * Vernon L. Smith, Chapman University, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics *
This unusually wide-ranging and interdisciplinary volume makes a splendid contribution to the growing contemporary literature on Adam Smith. It will be of interest both to students and accomplished scholars of Smith's work. The essays are meticulously edited and well-written. * Charles L. Griswold, Philosophy Department, Boston University *
Adam Smith had a profound wisdom and grasp of human nature and civil society. This Handbook introduces us to his comprehensive thought and leads us to contemplate the capability of humankind to create a universal good society * Hideo Tanaka, Professor, Kyoto University *

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