See What You're Missing

31 Ways Artists Notice the World – and How You Can Too

Will Gompertz author


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:9th Mar '23


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See What You're Missing cover

The internationally bestselling author on how art can help us appreciate life in all its strange and exhilarating beauty

Artists have learnt to pay attention. The rest of us spend most of our time on autopilot, rushing from place to place, our overfamiliarity blinding us to the marvellous, life-affirming phenomena of our world. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In his typically engaging style, Will Gompertz takes us into the minds of artists - from emerging stars to old masters - to show us how to look at and experience the world with their heightened powers of perception.

In See What You're Missing we learn, for example, how Rembrandt can help us see ourselves, how David Hockney helps us to see nature, and how Frida Kahlo can help us see through pain. Each artist has their own unique way of looking, which when applied to our own lives stimulates our senses so we might know the intoxicating feeling of being truly alive.

'Art can amaze us into changing our minds. This remarkable book teaches us how' Es Devlin

'Highly engaging and thought-provoking' Philip Hook, author of Breakfast at Sotheby's

'Lucid and revealing' Michael Prodger, The Times

'Will Gompertz is the best teacher you never had' Guardian

Offers a tidy lesson in not just getting more from art, but more from life itself . . . lucid and revealing . . . Gompertz is at his best -- Michael Prodger * The Times *
Art can amaze us into changing our minds. This remarkable book teaches us how -- Es Devlin
Highly engaging and thought-provoking -- Philip Hook, author of Breakfast at Sotheby’s
By going straight to the essence of each one's work, Will Gompertz provides a fluent and refreshing introduction to the way art can enable us, in the most unexpected ways, to see the world anew -- Michael Peppiatt
Gompertz insightfully explores the processes and personalities of a remarkable roster of artists . . . effortless prose and laser focus on the communicative potential of art make this a worthwhile read -- James Woods Marshall * Library Journal *
Thorough and diverse . . . Gompertz's illuminations of artists' lives and minds are accessible and full of valuable information. This is an exhilarating resource for personal growth, a consciousness-raising exploration for artists and art lovers, and an asset for anyone interested in the who, what, and why of great artworks * Booklist *
Gompertz doesn't have it in him to be boring * The Times *
Will Gompertz is the best teacher you never had * Guardian *
He is a natural communicator whose passion for art is expressed with wit and verve -- Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England
Hugely accessible . . . writes about difficult things without letting on that they are difficult * Independent on Sunday on What Are You Looking At? *

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