This Nowhere Place

Natasha Bell author


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:18th Mar '21

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'A gripping tale that left me guessing' 5***** Reader Review
'Entirely addictive . . . A dramatic, escapist read' 5***** Reader Review

Nothing ever happened here . . . Until the first girl died.


Ten years ago, Mo arrived at the white cliffs of Dover, befriended by teenagers Cali and Jude.

They thought they'd save each other, yet within months their friendship would see two of them dead and the third scarred for life.

Now documentary maker Tarek and his film crew are in town, asking difficult questions about what happened that summer.

Because in the shadow of the white cliffs it's easy for people and their stories to get lost . . .

And as Tarek will discover, the truth is something that must be unburied carefully.

Or it might just it bury you . . .

This Nowhere Place is a tense and atmospheric mystery about the aftermath of a fateful and fatal friendship, perfect for fans of Emma Cline and Jane Harper.

'A powerful and timely read' 5***** Reader Review

'So refreshing. A thriller, a page-turner, thoughtful and thought-provoking'
Sabine Durrant on His Perfect Wife

So refreshing. A thriller, a page-turner, thoughtful and thought-provoking -- Sabine Durrant
Sterling work . . . an astutely written, complex debut . . . even seasoned genre aficionados will be surprised . . . an assured outing -- Guardian
Cunning . . . will have your brain working in overdrive as you try to second guess Natasha Bell's ingenious plot and as you reflect on her thought-provoking observations on art, love and family life -- S Magazine, Sunday Express
An intelligent, taut thriller which was beautifully written and compelling. I loved how the author played with the whole theme of life imitating art. Full of twists and turns I couldn't put it down. I thought the ending was perfect! -- Claire Douglas
A smart, original page turner which really brought something different to the thriller genre. It kept me up half the night! -- Gillian McAllister

ISBN: 9780241448885

Dimensions: 240mm x 162mm x 36mm

Weight: 629g

400 pages