Not Now, Noor!

Farhana Islam author Nabila Adani illustrator


Publisher:Penguin Random House Children's UK

Published:16th Mar '23


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Not Now, Noor! cover

Noor loves her mum, and all the other hijabi women in her family, but wonders why do they wear headscarves? Is it so they can hide snacks for later? Or because they're a super spy and hiding their secret identity?

Full of curiousity, Noor sets out to find her answer, but her family are all busy and have no time to answer this important question. Just as Noor is ready to give up on her quest, her Ammu arrives home and knows just the thing to say.

This heart-warming yet funny tale is a celebration of Muslim women, curious children, and family love.

ISBN: 9780241552476

Dimensions: 286mm x 234mm x 4mm

Weight: 195g

32 pages