How to Fight Fatphobia

Kate Manne author


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:9th Jan '24


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'Required reading for everyone who lives in an unruly human body... elegant, fierce, and profound' Roxane Gay

Size discrimination harms everyone. Acclaimed philosopher Kate Manne shows how to combat it.

For as long as she can remember, Kate Manne has wanted to be smaller. She can tell you what she weighed on any significant occasion: her wedding day, the day she became a professor, the day her daughter was born. She's been bullied and belittled for her size, leading to extreme dieting. As a feminist philosopher, she wanted to believe that she was exempt from the cultural gaslighting that compels so many of us to ignore our hunger. But she was not.

Blending intimate stories with trenchant analysis, Manne shows why fatphobia matters, now more than ever. Over the last decades, bias has waned in every category except one: body size. Here she examines how anti-fatness operates – how it leads us to make devastating assumptions about a person's attractiveness, fortitude and intellect, and how it intersects with other systems of oppression. Fatphobia is responsible for wage gaps, medical neglect and poor educational outcomes. It is a straitjacket, restricting our freedom, our movement, our potential. Fatphobia is a social justice issue.

In this urgent call to action, Manne proposes a new politics of ‘body reflexivity’ -- a radical re-evaluation of who our bodies exist in the world for: ourselves and no one else. When it comes to fatphobia, the solution is not to love our bodies more. Instead, we must dismantle the forces that control and constrain us, and remake the world to accommodate people of every size.

Required reading for everyone who lives in an unruly human body. Manne has crafted an elegant, fierce, and profound argument for fighting fat oppression in ourselves, our communities, our culture -- Roxane Gay
An essential book of impossible-to-overstate importance, Unshrinking is a lucid, vital addition to the fat canon -- Carmen Maria Machado
A clarion call for fat people to be liberated * Mail on Sunday *
A vital social justice issue ... Kate Manne's words will make you feel anger at how fatphobia has harmed the minds and bodies of so many * Psychologies *
Trust Kate Manne to provide the clearest statement of the problems of the twenty-first century. She shows us, through science, reason, and human experience, the moral failure of fatphobia, in direct contradiction of the widespread and toxic narrative of fatness as a moral failing -- Emily Nagoski
A tour de force that only someone with Kate Manne's particular mix of rigor, clarity, and writerly skill could pull off—a must-read, no matter your body size, and an unignorable call to action -- Anne Helen Peterson
Kate Manne lays bare the sinister power of fatphobia—its pervasiveness, its roots in anti-Blackness, its shoddy logic—and argues beautifully and clearly for the moral necessity to resist it. Both trenchant and moving, Unshrinking is a long overdue reckoning and a manifesto for true intersectionality -- Kimberlé Crenshaw
As someone raised in the era of 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,' I am beyond grateful to Kate Manne for ushering in the era of Unshrinking. This book is a tasty, tasty takedown of diet culture and a firm-but-gentle guide to finally getting free from fatphobia - individually, collectively, and within society at large. Is it too much to say that Manne has written a big, fat masterpiece? -- Jessica DeFino
To be fat in a thin-obsessed world is to be treated as a moral failure all the time. Through impeccable research, compelling writing, and refreshing honesty, Unshrinking undoes so much of that undeserved shame. . . . A rich text for the ages, one we should all read, especially if we desire to create a world that treats fat people with more dignity and less disdain than this one -- Evette Dionne
If you have ever struggled to feel safe in your body as it is; if you have ever wondered who your body is for, Manne has articulated the answers: Our bodies belong to us. We are all better for her work -- Virginia Sole-Smith
An intimate and razor-sharp examination of fatphobia to expose the gaslighting, double standards and conditioning behind size discrimination. Manne’s new framework of “body reflexivity” offers valuable new ways and words to fight the existing power structures of fat oppression * Ms. Magazine *

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