Survival Tails: Eruption at Krakatoa

Katrina Charman author


Publisher:Little, Brown & Company

Published:28th May '20


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Survival Tails: Eruption at Krakatoa cover

Parakeet Melati lives with the rest of her bird friends and family on the beautiful slopes of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa. While rumblings sometimes sound from deep within the earth, the birds live peacefully in their jungle. But when Melati is woken one night by tremors stronger than she's ever felt before, she realizes that her sleeping island volcano may not be sleeping any longer.Across a narrow stretch of water lives Guntur, a rhinoceros with a not-so-friendly rivalry with Raja, the king of the tigers. They're too busy fighting over who rules the jungle to worry about what's happening on the nearby island. But when Melati arrives with a dire warning that something is happening to the volcano, Gunter and Raja will have to put aside their differences and work together. Otherwise, the animals of the jungle will never stand a chance against the mighty eruption of Krakatoa.With engaging and exciting nonfiction backmatter that delves into the fascinating true story behind the eruption, Survival Tails: The Eruption of Krakatoa will both captivate and educate young readers.

ISBN: 9780316477994

Dimensions: 192mm x 132mm x 18mm

Weight: 164g

208 pages