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The Cliff House

One hen weekend, seven secrets… but only one worth killing for

Chris Brookmyre author


Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group

Published:25th May '23


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The Cliff House cover

'Chris Brookmyre is a genius, every new book of his is a cause for celebration' --- RICHARD OSMAN

'Keeps you guessing until the very end - after an avalanche of revelations and twists' --- THE TIMES, BOOK OF THE MONTH

One hen weekend, seven secrets... but only one worth killing for

Jen's hen party is going to be out of control...

She's rented a luxury getaway on its own private island. The helicopter won't be back for seventy-two hours. They are alone. They think.

As well as Jen, there's the pop diva and the estranged ex-bandmate, the tennis pro and the fashion guru, the embittered ex-sister-in-law and the mouthy future sister-in-law.

It's a combustible cocktail, one that takes little time to ignite, and in the midst of the drunken chaos, one of them disappears. Then a message tells them that unless someone confesses her terrible secret to the others, their missing friend will be killed.

Problem is, everybody has a secret. And nobody wants to tell.


'Strikingly original and definitively Brookmyre - there's nothing he can't do'
Mick Herron

'I recommend The Cut SO HIGHLY! A fast-paced thriller, lovely characters, [and] it kept me guessing'
Marian Keyes

'A twisty spiralling rabbit hole of a book that draws you deeper with every chapter. Brilliantly original, compulsively readable, right to the final page'
Ruth Ware

'Dark, heartfelt, stylish and thrilling, the kind of wonderfully original tale I just adore. Chris Brookmyre is a storytelling mastermind'
Chris Whitaker

'This is a special novel. A brilliant, original, up-to-the-minute tale with all of the dark, edgy, humorous brilliance we've come to expect from one of the finest crime fiction writers in the world'
Abir Mukherjee

Chris Brookmyre is a genius, every new book of his is a cause for celebration * Richard Osman *
There are dozens of novels based on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, but Christopher Brookmyre's ingenious take is by far the best I have read. He makes you feel for and fear each character. He keeps you guessing until the very end - after an avalanche of revelations and twists. * The Times (Book of the Month) *
Brookmyre is always a class act and it is a pleasure to be back in the hands of one of our best crime writers with this clever, propulsive thriller with a whole lot of heart * Observer *
Tightly plotted and a lot of fun, this is perfect poolside reading * Guardian *
A suspenseful and atmospheric thriller * The Herald *
Brookmyre's familiar sardonic prose is pleasingly in place * Financial Times *
Irresistibly thrilling, Brookmyre proves he's a master of suspense * Sun *
Among his best yet . . . a killer twist and an upbeat conclusion * Sunday Post *
Brookmyre's psychological acuity that sets him apart from many other thriller writers . . . It's as if he has climbed like a magician inside our heads. * The Lady *
Brookmyre is an experienced and skilful hand who drives his story along at a gallop * The Scotsman *
Brookmyre orchestrates the proceedings with assurance and a deep sense of mischief. Wonderfully entertaining * Crime Time *
A deliciously twisting, chilling read * Woman's Own *
His wit and sheer storytelling skill make it seem wonderfully fresh * Express *
You know you're in experienced hands from the off... A great read for the holidays * The List *
Brookmyre has great fun with his Agatha Christie homage * Irish Times *
Brookmyre's wit and storytelling skills invigorate * Sunday Express *
Irresistibly thrilling, Brookmyre proves he's a master of suspense * Irish Sun *
It's only August but it has me thinking of my books of the year already * Crime Thriller Lover (blog) *

ISBN: 9780349143859

Dimensions: 196mm x 126mm x 28mm

Weight: 240g

352 pages