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Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group

Published:3rd Feb '22


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'An intoxicating mixture of poetry and prose, Slug is a taboo-busting delight' SCOTSMAN

'One of the best poets we have' MATT HAIG

'She writes with honesty, conviction, humour and love' KAE TEMPEST

The bestselling collection of poetry and prose from the Ted Hughes Award-winning author of Nobody Told Me
From Finnish saunas and soppy otters to grief, grandparents and Kellogg's anti-masturbation pants, Slug is a book which holds a mirror lovingly up to the world, past and present, through Hollie's driving, funny, hopeful poetry and prose. Slug is about the human condition: of birth and death and how we manage the possibilities in between.

'The inimitable words of poet/goddess Hollie McNish once again hold up honest, damn funny and refreshing takes on the everydayness of our lives . . . Never have we needed her more' STYLIST

'Hollie always articulates exactly how I feel' CHARLY COX

'A tribute to life itself' RED

Piercing poetry . . . This is exactly what we all need. The inimitable words of poet/goddess Hollie McNish once again holds up honest, damn funny and refreshing takes on the everydayness of our lives: the social demands, sex and orgasms, our bodies, judgement from friends (and ourselves). Never have we needed her more -- Francesca Brown * Stylist *
An intoxicating mixture of poetry and prose, [Slug] is a taboo-busting delight . . . McNish's poems are direct, comic, tragic, warm, thought-provoking and often come with a sting in the tale, but her prose also flows off the page like red wine freely swilled with friends on a night out, or in . . . McNish effortlessly navigates the bitter and sweet throughout . . . There is an articulate approachability to all her writing . . . She is clear-sighted on why we need to talk about menstruation, masturbation and all sorts of gender and race inequalities, normalising these normal topics . . . McNish is eminently readable and relatable because she is both fallible and fascinating -- Fiona Shepherd * Scotsman *
I love Hollie's poems. There is such raw honesty and warmth and often humour within them. She is one of the best poets we have -- Matt Haig
McNish has a striking capacity for intimacy in places least expected. There are no tricks in her work, except like all the best magicians and wordsmiths, I can see what she's doing but not how she did it. The poetry world needs a Tracey Emin like the art world did. It's Hollie McNish -- Lemn Sissay
No one blends honesty, humour and humanity quite like poet and author Hollie McNish . . . Mixing prose and poetry, it's an insight into McNish's mind, spanning topics from motherhood to masturbation. We love this reminder to stuff our lives full of joy while we can; a tribute to life itself * Red Magazine *
Funny, true, loving and lethal, Hollie McNish's new collection Slug is a total joy * Stylist *
As I read every few pages of Hollie McNish's delightful new book, I was smiling, teeth out . . . . Slug is a sparkling mix of memoir, poetry, essays and short stories . . . Reading her feels like the relief you get when somebody else hears your most private worries and says: me too. She backs it all up with science, intimate confessions and wicked one-liners -- Helen Brown * Telegraph *
I've loved her work for years -- Jo Brand
A new collection from the exciting and divisive Ted Hughes Award winning poet and author of Nobody Told Me. This time she's tackling birth, death and female body parts with her characteristic confrontational gaze -- Claire Allfree * Metro (Ten gripping books to look out for in 2021) *
For everyday pick-me-ups, rages, frustrations, joy and belly laughs, Hollie McNish's books of poetry and essays are best kept on your bedside table to break open as required . . . Laugh-out-loud funny - keep it close * Stylist *
Gloriously earthy and accessible, McNish's mash-up of prose and poetry covers the modern female condition with lashings of wit, intelligence and irreverent wisdom * Waterstones (blog) *
Hollie is a total wordsmith. She makes me howl with laughter one moment and burst into tears the next -- Paapa Essiedu
Gorgeous fingering poems -- Bryony Gordon, author of Mad Girl and The Wrong Knickers
Hollie always articulates exactly how I feel, like she lives in my head -- Charly Cox, author of Validate Me and She Must Be Mad
Honest and insightful, hilarious and impudent. We could all do with paying attention to what McNish tells us through her writing, where she directs our attention and the worlds she opens -- Anthony Anaxagorou, author of After the Formalities
Slug covers so much - motherhood, gender, lockdown, loss, sex and a multitude of other topics - and yet Hollie McNish explores each with such care, nuance and wit. Hugely moving, very funny, this is an irreverent, uplifting and sharp collection of prose, poetry and fiction -- Anna James, former editor at The Bookseller and author of the Pages & Co series
From the defiant title to the irreverent, incisive and transgressive poetry within, Slug is an encyclopedia for negotiating twenty-first century living. McNish's work is a constant challenge to sexism, racism, intolerance and bigotry, each piece delivered with the swag of a girl queuing up outside the Headteacher's office. Whatever the subject, the result is warm, often hilarious and sometimes furious. No other contemporary UK writer addresses the needs of women and mothers more directly and consistently than McNish. Her voice is relevant, vibrant and defiant. She just blew smoke in your face -- Joelle Taylor, poet, playwright and author
Slug is a great call to arms for women and their bodies -- Athena Lamnisos, CEO of Eve Appeal charity
Reading this book is like sharing secrets with your best friend. It's funny, it's sometimes salacious, it's honest, at times heart-breaking, angry and most of all deeply human * Doula Magazine *
Within the first six pages I had phoned my dad to tell him I love him and had a crying fit about how much I miss my gran, so well done I say -- Shappi Khorsandi
I can't take my ears off her -- Benjamin Zephaniah
Makes so many of us feel seen . . . [Hollie] quickly breaks the heart and then heals it, before you have time to even take a breath -- Kara Scott, TV personality, journalist and poker player

ISBN: 9780349726366

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