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The Printer as Author in Early Modern English Book History

John Day and the Fabrication of a Protestant Memory Art

William E Engel author


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published:6th May '22

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The Printer as Author in Early Modern English Book History cover

This is the first book to demonstrate how mnemotechnic cultural commonplaces can be used to account for the look, style, and authorized content of some of the most influential books produced in early modern Britain. In his hybrid role as stationer, publisher, entrepreneur, and author, John Day, master printer of England’s Reformation, produced the premier navigation handbook, state-approved catechism and metrical psalms, Book of Martyrs, England’s first printed emblem book, and Queen Elizabeth’s Prayer Book. By virtue of finely honed book trade skills, dogged commitment to evangelical nation-building, and astute business acumen (including going after those who infringed his privileges), Day mobilized the typographical imaginary to establish what amounts to—and still remains—a potent and viable Protestant Memory Art.

"Engel makes a compelling, highly erudite intervention, using the lifework of John Day.... Engel's mastery of the scholarship of early modern book history, together with the other scholarly disciplines that he imaginatively brings to bear, is evidenced by the extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter. Most insightful, however, are the sustained material and iconographic analyses of Engel's primary sources.... Engel's arguments are lucid and carefully presented." --Renaissance Studies 36.4 (Sept 2022)

"...provides valuable insights into the practical and material side of collective book production in early modern England. [...] Engel's book proves to be a highly impressive and valuable contribution to the fields of authorship and material studies." --Anglistik 34.3 (2023): 256-57.

“In this engaging journey through the career of the sixteenth-century English printer John Day, William E. Engel makes the case for Day as an ingenious craftsman of Tudor cultural memory. [...] Engel’s analysis is at its best in showcasing Day’s typographical and iconographical creativity, or the ‘mental machinery’ (p. 95) of his Protestant print. [...] The Printer as Author brings the creative hub of Day’s printing house to life as a force for the authorization and reformation of the book.” –Modern Language Review 119 (April 2024): 260-61

ISBN: 9780367145880

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