Enterprise Alignment and Results

Thinking Systemically and Creating Constancy of Purpose and Value for the Customer

Chris Butterworth editor


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published:14th May '19

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Enterprise Alignment and Results cover

To succeed, an organization must cultivate management systems that effectively align their work and behaviors with principles and direction. These systems should be simple, comprehensible, actionable, and standardized. Establishing alignment in every value stream of an organization will ultimately create value for their customers and produce the desired results. This alignment stems from an understanding of why an organization exists, where it is going, and how it will get there.

Enterprise Alignment and Results guides readers to their goal of enterprise-wide alignment by providing a deeper look at the Shingo Model. This book builds upon the previous books in the Shingo Model Series by continuing to define ideal behaviors and the systems that drive them and increasing understanding of fundamental beliefs and how to use behavioral benchmarks. As readers examine the principles of "Create Constancy of Purpose," "Think Systemically," and "Create Value for the Customer," they will gain a deeper knowledge of the relationship between behaviors, systems, and principles. This knowledge will foster an understanding of how to create alignment within their organizations, thereby increasing the consistency of delivering ideal results.

ISBN: 9780367201500

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