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Published:8th Oct '15

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The Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies is the authoritative reference for anyone with an academic or professional interest in interpreting.

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies is the authoritative reference for anyone with an academic or professional interest in interpreting.

Drawing on the expertise of an international team of specialist contributors, this single-volume reference presents the state of the art in interpreting studies in a much more fine-grained matrix of entries than has ever been seen before.

For the first time all key issues and concepts in interpreting studies are brought together and covered systematically and in a structured and accessible format.

With all entries alphabetically arranged, extensively cross-referenced and including suggestions for further reading, this text combines clarity with scholarly accuracy and depth, defining and discussing key terms in context to ensure maximum understanding and ease of use.

Practical and unique, this Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies presents a genuinely comprehensive overview of the fast growing and increasingly diverse field of interpreting studies.

"Without a doubt. This publication could definitely be on compulsory/ recommended reading lists.... As far as I know there is nothing this comprehensive currently available. As the proposer suggests, aspects of interpreting tend to be included in more general translation studies publications. ... I would definitely recommend this proposal go ahead and look forward to reading it myself."

Catriona Howard, Leeds

"...when the book is published, it will be a major event for the interpreting community, both professional and academic. The author, as one of the leading researchers in interpreting studies, is in a strong position to lead the project. "

- Hong Jiang, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong

"I have to say that it’s a very commendable proposal. Concepts and important issues in Interpreting Studies (IS) are expanding and growing, especially with the increase of research in IS, both at postgraduate levels (academic) or organisational level (professional practice). A reference volume in an encyclopaedic format is indeed a brilliant idea! I highly recommend this Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies. It’s a timely project. It’ll definitely be a useful resource for academics, researchers, relevant organisations such as service providers, interpreters-to-be, and practising interpreters. This is a novel effort to bring IS on a par with Translation Studies…It's an amazing project to boost Interpreting Studies."

- Noraini Ibrahim, Universiti Sains Malaysia

"REIS is the easiest imaginable volume to endorse: devised and crafted with diligence and precision from start to finish, it is unique and will fill a readily identifiable hole on academic bookshelves around the globe."

- Graham H. Turner, Interpreting, 19:1, 2017

"Highly recommended"

- K. Rosneck, University of Wisconsin--Madison in CHOICE

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