June Jordan's Poetry for the People

A Revolutionary Blueprint

June Jordan editor Lauren Muller editor The Blueprint Collective editor


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published:17th Oct '95

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June Jordan's Poetry for the People cover

Her vision and politics have set her at the forefront of contemporary poetry and her work has a far-reaching impact on all poets and readers of poetry today. A dedicated and inspired teacher, her innovative and highly successful poetry program, Poetry for the People, has recently emerged as a national phenomenon.

"This celebration of "explorative" poetry as a communal, oral art form is an easy-to-use, timely reference for community college, public libraries and writers' centers." -- Library Journal
"June Jordan's Poetry for the People: A RevolutionaryBlueprint does for would-be writers what The Anarchist'sCookbook did for the neophyte bomb-makers. This step-by-step guide . . . explains how to teach, write, critique, perform, advertise, and publish poetry. The book essentially dusts poetry off and puts it in hip, new '90s threads--and shows what a tremendous difference a good teacher can make." -- Washington City Paper
". . . a handbook that serves the interests of poetry and community. . . . may this good and useful book find its way into the hands of anyone who cares about poetry and its future." -- Oregonian
". . . documents the history of this unique workshop and reading collective of the University of California at Berkeley. . . . this freewheeling guidebook looks at poetry as a populist, highly diverse activity." -- Publishers Weekly
"Poetry does matter and does have relevence where it matters, in our homes and in our hearts. Jordan's manual is a step in the right direction towards restoring poetry to the altars of our personal lives. It matters more than ever, especially here and now." -- Joy Harjo
"This is a book of life: of energy, passion and hard, hands-on work in the name of poetry and of community. 'Without fear of being happy,' June Jordan, master poet-teacher, and her students offer this practical guide, inspiration and invitation to people and poets everywhere." -- Adrienne Rich
"How can students find a voice and the vulnerability and courage to proclaim it to the world we live in? Poetryfor the People looks beyond canonized poets to find specific languages that speak to young Americans. Poetryfor the People gives us guidelines for intelligent criticism and shows us how to rouse activist enthusiasm beyond the classroom." -- Allen Ginsberg
"This celebration of "explorative" poetry as a communal, oral art form is an easy-to-use, timely reference for community college, public libraries, and writers' centers." -- Library Journal

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