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Incorrigible Optimist

A Political Memoir

Gareth Evans author


Publisher:Melbourne University Press

Published:30th Oct '17

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Incorrigible Optimist cover

A colourful and central figure in Australian politics for two decades described by Bob Hawke as having 'the most acute mind' of any of his ministers Gareth Evans has also been applauded worldwide for his contributions, both as Foreign Minister and in later international roles, to conflict resolution, genocide prevention and curbing weapons of mass destruction.

In this sometimes moving, often entertaining, and always lucid memoir Evans looks back over the highs and lows of his public life as a student activist, civil libertarian, law reformer, industry minister, international policymaker, educator and politician. He explains why it is that, despite multiple disappointments, he continues to believe that a safer, saner and more decent world is achievable, and why, for all its frustrations, politics remains an indispensable profession not only for megalomaniacs but idealists.

ISBN: 9780522866445

Dimensions: 241mm x 163mm x 31mm

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416 pages