The Boy in the Headlights

From the author of the Richard & Judy bestseller I’m Travelling Alone

Samuel Bjork author Charlotte Barslund translator


Publisher:Transworld Publishers Ltd

Published:17th Oct '19


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The Boy in the Headlights cover

How can you stop a murderer when you cannot predict their next move? A serial killer is choosing his victims at random, it is a detective's worst nightmare and the ultimate challenge for Munch and Kruger.

The bestselling series, a former Richard and Judy bookclub pick, returns with another chilling case.

‘Gives Jo Nesbo a run for his money’ Sunday Express

Munch and Krüger.

'Gives Jo Nesbo a run for his money' Sunday Express
'Intelligent and gripping'The Times

Mindless killer? Or do they know exactly what they're doing?

Winter 1996. An old man is driving home when his headlights catch an animal on the empty road up ahead. He stamps hard on the brakes. But it is not an animal at all. It is a young boy, frightened and alone, with a set of deer antlers strapped firmly to his head.

Fourteen years later, a body is found in a mountain lake. Within weeks, three people have died. Each time, the killer has left a clue, inviting Special Investigations Detectives Munch and Krüger to play a deadly game - a game they cannot possibly win. Against the most dangerous and terrifying kind of serial killer. One who chooses their victims completely at random.

To find the killer they must look deep within their own dark pasts, but how can you stop a murderer when you cannot begin to predict their next move?

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What readers are saying:

'A riveting story, with plenty of dark emotions. Perfect for Scandi-Noir lovers.'
'I was hooked, this tale got my heart racing and in places sat on the edge of my seat and reading late into the night.'
'Ingenious . . . I found it gripping and compulsive.'

ISBN: 9780552170925

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