How To Get Best Value From HR

The Shared Services Option

Peter Reilly author Tony Williams author


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published:24th Feb '03

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An efficient and cost-effective HR function is essential to the successful running of any organization. And yet for many businesses it is impossible or costly to have HR staff in every office. This is particularly true for companies who have many branches, such as banks and building societies. So what are they to do? Increasingly they are turning to shared services by creating a unit within the organization that typically undertakes personnel administration and basic operational support. This may be delivered to managers and employees through some combination of call centre, personal contact or intranet. Creating a shared services centre enables the HR function to redefine its relationship with its stakeholders. It can become more of a strategic player and make a more business-focused contribution. This book explains what shared services are and what they look like for the HR function. It describes why organizations opt for shared services and what activities are included. It sets out the relationship between shared services and the other HR activities, and between HR and line management. How To Get Best Value From HR outlines the process of introducing shared services, from identifying customer needs through designing the structure to implementation and monitoring. It also outlines the likely pitfalls and, importantly, offers possible solutions. In particular the book highlights the big design issues, including whether to outsource services, where a shared services centre should be located, how services should be delivered and organized, including through the option of e-HR. Crucially it features an extended case study of the Royal Bank of Scotland's experience of introducing HR shared services, providing a unique insight into the reality of this new way of working.

'This is a useful book because it provides new perspectives on the organizational experiences of shared services.' People Management Website 'This book covers a lot of ground in 152 pages, giving the reader a thorough overview without getting bogged down in detail. And as such it is a valuable source of information for anyone challenged with investigating the viability of a share service approach...a worthwhile investment.' Personnel Today

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