Twenty Unicorns at Bedtime (PB)

Mark Sperring author Tim Budgen illustrator



Published:6th Jan '22


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Twenty Unicorns at Bedtime (PB) cover

  The super cute unicorn book that makes counting fun! Once upon a twinkling night, Mindy could not sleep, so So her daddy and her favourite toy said, "You should count some sheep!" Now, Mindy isn't keen on sheep, they "BAAAA" from dusk till dawn. So instead of counting noisy sheep, she counted...UNICORNS! What's the best way to help little ones fall asleep? Introduce them to super cute unicorns, of course! And with cuddly, laughing and magical unicorns on every page, and a fun story showing children how to count from one to twenty, this second book in a brand-new series is set to become every child's new favourite. Bestselling author Mark Sperring has done it again with this brilliant bedtime story that is just right for unicorn fans. With beautiful illustrations from top-selling illustrator Tim Budgen, children will love spotting the unicorns on every page. A gorgeously sparkly silver cover makes this book a great gift Perfect for curious children who might be ready to count to ten... and beyond!

ISBN: 9780702306952

Dimensions: 273mm x 251mm x 3mm

Weight: 180g

32 pages