Darwin's Super-Pooping Worm Spectacular

Polly Owen author Gwen Millward illustrator


Publisher:Quarto Publishing PLC

Published:5th Jan '23


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Darwin's Super-Pooping Worm Spectacular cover

*Kirkus Best Picture Book of the Year*

Learn the funny and fascinating story of Charles Darwin and the groundbreaking discoveries that resulted from his love of the humble worm in this hilarious, illustrated children’s book.

Charles Darwin is widely known for his Origin of Species book, yet Darwin had another great love, and that was for worms.

Told for the first time for children, this is the silly and fascinating true story of how Charles Darwin came to discover that the humble earthworm is the most important species on our planet.

Darwin suspected worms were special but his scientist friends laughed at him. In a quest to find out the worms’ special talent, Darwin played the bassoon to the worms to see if they could hear, laid out a picnic treasure hunt for them to see how well they could smell, among many other bizarre but entirely true experiments.

But so far Darwin didn’t find anything extra special about worms. Until, one day he realised that worms do have a superpower. They POO! Without their life-sustaining, nutrient-rich poo, there would be no plants and no animals on earth. 

Darwin’s 40 years studying worms is still essential to our understanding of worms today, and ever since, scientists have taken him VERY seriously, and never again laughed at his love of worms. 

The story of Darwin and the worms not only centres around the perennially brilliant subject of poo, it:

  • Teaches children about a key historic figure, the food cycle and deductive scientific thinking.
  • Is also a heartwarming story of the triumph of a zany underdog who won’t let bullies get in the way of his love for worms.
  • Is told in a humorous and engaging way, with nonfiction information on each page to help educate alongside the story.
  • Features charming and humorous full-colour illustrations.

Curious minds will love this fact-filled, laugh-out-loud book.

“Charles Darwin and his love of earthworms, creatures whose poo sustains and enriches the soil, is the subject of this heavily illustrated picture book. Ties in with the “minibeasts” key Stage One topic.” * The Bookseller *
"both amusing for young readers and factually interesting…an ideal choice to inform and entertain.” * How It Works *
“An entertaining exploration of Charles Darwin’s 40-year-long study of worms" * The Observer *
“This is a disarmingly silly read that manages to share cool worm science with a light and easy touch.” - Book of the Month * BBC Wildlife *
“The book is really informative, positive, funny and thoroughly enjoyable.” * The Green Parent *
'Full of surprising and fascinating facts of interest to every 7- to 11-year-old.'  * Association for Science Education *
“A gorgeous, eccentric mind-stretcher of a book.” * The School Librarian *

ISBN: 9780711275959

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