The Mellops Strike Oil

Tomi Ungerer author


Publisher:Phaidon Press Ltd

Published:3rd Oct '11

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The Mellops Strike Oil cover

While on a family picnic Mr Mellops notices the mountain water has an ‘awful taste, like oil’. Soon, the intrepid Mellops embark on a quest that takes them to the library, the museum and eventually an oil field!  Reissued in English to inspire and delight a new generation of children.

Ages 3-6

"Charming... Printed on thick mat paper, with a two-colour palette true to the author and artist Tomi Ungerer's original artwork, the books make delightful bedtime reading for the under-sevens."—Daily Telegraph

"There is an educational element to this story too. The discovery by the Mellops' of the different fossils - ammonites, belemnites and ceriths are accompanied by an illustration of each to show what they look like. Even the exploration for oil is carefully explained in the illustrations and text. The wooden tower the Mellops' build is called a derrick and the dangers of oil are emphasised when a discarded cigar causes a fire in the forest with the flames threatening to set the oil alight. Luckily, Mr Mellops is able to save the day."—Outside In, Inside Out

ISBN: 9780714862491

Dimensions: 205mm x 235mm x 9mm

Weight: 307g

32 pages