Be the One You Need

21 Life Lessons I Learned While Taking Care of Everyone but Me

Sophia A Nelson author


Publisher:Health Communications

Published:21st Jul '22

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Be the One You Need cover

From acclaimed journalist Sophia A. Nelson, the bestselling author of The Woman Code, comes a poignant, powerful, and revealing memoir providing life lessons that emphasize the importance of self-care, self-love, and self-understanding that will lead to freedom, healing from the past, and a better future.

In deeply personal reflections, acclaimed journalist Sophia A. Nelson offers an inspirational memoir that will guide you on a path toward true and meaningful self-care. She shares 21 life lessons she’s learned to help us accept that when we dare to face our traumas, losses, fears, family dysfunctions, and relationship issues, we can heal from them. She shows us that doing the work of meaningful and consistent self-care not only makes us happier, but better spouses, parents, siblings, lovers, employers, and neighbors. In this powerfully raw and honest book, you’ll discover:

• How to manage your emotions before they manage you;

• How to protect your peace, the passport to your soul;

• Why the most important relationship you have is with yourself; and

• How to be intentional about your choices.

The compelling lessons in Be the One You Need clearly demonstrate that the answers we seek to life’s questions are always within us. Nelson empowers us to finally ask ourselves, What do I want? What do I need? How do I feel? And once we hear the answers of our soul, how to put them into practice.

“All too often, women have a hard time putting themselves first. We are so busy giving and doing for others that we feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. In Be the One You Need, Sophia lays out a road- map for prioritizing ourselves and shows us that meaningful self-care, regardless of your age, is about being able to help yourself so you can truly love and help others.”

—Mika Brzezinski, bestselling author, founder of Know Your Value, co-host of MorningJoe
“As women, we often put ourselves last. As Black women, we always put ourselves last. Sophia challenges all of us to change that—and put a deeper, more meaningful self-care and soul care regimen into practice so that only then can we fill the cup of others we love to the fullest.”

—Rev.Dr.Bernice A. King, CEO, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change
Be the One You Need is about looking after yourself first. If we run ourselves ragged, we’re no use to anyone. It’s not something anyone should feel guilty about—Sophia Nelson gets that.”

—KattyKay, former BBC news anchor, journalist NBC News, and bestselling author of TheConfidenceCode
“We all need self-care, men and women alike. Be the One You Need offers a wonderful blueprint to face the challenge of these difficult days and to be deliberate in seeking your joy.”

—Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., Princeton University professor and author of BeginAgain:JamesBaldwinsAmerica andItsUrgentLessonsforOurOwn
“I commend Sophia Nelson on her transparency. It takes real courage to admit we don’t care for ourselves with the same love as we care for others. I found Be the One You Need to be a powerful and soul-stirring book that carefully and thoughtfully helps us learn how to service ourselves so we can be of even better service to others. This is a must-read for everyone, especially those looking to live a life of true freedom and greater peace.”

—DeVonFranklin,NewYorkTimes bestselling author and Hollywood producer
“As a leader, I cannot recommend Be the One You Need more highly. Sophia has used a combination of her personal experiences to give us 21 powerful life lessons. Every corporate and industry leader, educator, and organization looking to create healthier work environments needs to read this book. She gives us a pathway to deeper self-care habits that last a lifetime and inspires us to take our own personal power back.”

—Col. Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.), speaker and first female pilot to fly with the Thunderbirds
Be the One You Need is not a call to be selfish, it’s about practicing self-love as you ask yourself what you want, what you need, and how you feel—it’s about putting your own self-care first.”

—Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, author of TheChangeGuidebook and CEO of The Best Ever You Network
Be the One You Need is the much-needed self-care guide needed to survive the COVID era. In this book, Nelson gives us a roadmap to create healthier lifestyle choices that will take us through the cur- rent pandemic and shows us how to do the hard work that heals our hurts—and allows us to soar.”

—AnushayHossain, author, ThePainGap:HowSexism andRacisminHealthcareKillWomen
“What do I want? What do I need? How do I feel? These are three questions author Sophia Nelson forces us to reckon with time and time again in this powerful, poignant, and punch-packing book on radical self-care for the soul as well as for the mind and body.”

—The Hon. Kay Coles James, former president of The Heritage Foundation, former director, US Office of Personnel Management, and member Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission
“Whether it is in politics or spirituality, Sophia Nelson tells the truth. In Be the One You Need, the truth is that we can’t love others until we love ourselves. But loving ourselves is surprisingly hard—so she gives us an honest pep talk, a trustworthy map, and a shoulder to cry on. We all need her vulnerable wisdom right now.”

—Dr.DianaButlerBass, award-winning author of FreeingJesus and Grateful, and one of America’s most trusted commentators on religion and contemporary spirituality
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