The Alexandrian Epitomes of Galen

Volume 1: On the Medical Sects for Beginners; The Small Art of Medicine; On the Elements According to the Opinion of Hippocrates. A Parallel English-Arabic Text

Galen author John Walbridge translator


Publisher:Brigham Young University Press

Published:15th Apr '15

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The Alexandrian Epitomes of Galen cover

The second-century physician and philosopher Galen is not known for brevity. Although his writings on medicine are famously verbose and numerous, for centuries they constituted much of the standard syllabi for medical students. About fourteen hundred years ago, one or possibly several professors put together a series of epitomes of Galen's work. In contrast to Galen's rambling and argumentative style, these epitomes present the material dryly but clearly, offering systematic categorizations of concepts, symptoms, diseases, and organs. Originally written in Greek, The Alexandrian Epitomes of Galen can also be found in Arabic and Hebrew translations, and the epitomes have had a particularly profound influence on medical literature in the Arab world. This edition presents the Arabic and English versions side by side, with a fresh, modern, and authoritative translation by scholar John Walbridge. Often cited in medical texts in the following centuries, these epitomes present an admirably clear survey of Galenism as it was understood at the very end of antiquity.

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