Romantic Comedy

The bestselling Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick by the author of RODHAM and AMERICAN WIFE

Curtis Sittenfeld author


Publisher:Transworld Publishers Ltd

Published:6th Apr '23


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A Reese's Book Club Pick 2023

'A hilarious, sweet, smart read that you're going to love!' REESE WITHERSPOON
'A rollercoaster of modern love and dating' STYLIST

A TV script writer thinks she's over romance, until an unlikely love interest upends all her assumptions: a humorous, sharp and tender novel from the bestselling author of Eligible, AmericanWife and Prep.

Life is (not)* a Romantic Comedy...

With a series of heartbreaks under her belt, Sally Milz - successful script writer for a legendary late-night TV comedy show - has long abandoned the search for love.

But when her friend and fellow writer begins to date a glamorous actress, he joins the growing club of interesting but average-looking men who get romantically involved with accomplished, beautiful women.

Sally channels her annoyance into a sketch, poking fun at this 'social rule'. The reverse never happens for a woman.

Then Sally meets Noah, a pop idol with a reputation for dating models. But this isn't a romantic comedy - it's real life.

Would someone like him ever date someone like her?

Skewering all our certainties about why we fall in love, ROMANTIC COMEDY is a witty and probing tale of how the heart will follow itself, no matter what anyone says. It is Curtis Sittenfeld at her most sharp, daring and compassionate best.

'One of my all-time favourite authors. A brilliantly written, funny page-turner, I want to read it all again' PANDORA SYKES

'I am obsessed. A warm, wise, magnanimous and extremely funny novel. ROMANTIC COMEDY should be prescribed to anyone needing their mood lifted' ELIZABETH DAY

'Curtis Sittenfeld is in a league of her own' GUARDIAN

'Anyone who reads Sittenfeld will read anything she ever writes' THE TIMES

I am obsessed with this book. A warm, wise, magnanimous and extremely funny novel which made me fall in love with the characters and feel happier about life. Sittenfeld writes with such insight and poignancy about the quirks of the human condition. ROMANTIC COMEDY should be prescribed to anyone needing their mood lifted * ELIZABETH DAY *
No-one writes romantic yearning as brilliantly and believably as Curtis Sittenfeld. I could not have adored this book more. * DAISY BUCHANAN, author of INSATIABLE *
A rollercoaster of modern love and dating * STYLIST, Books to look forward to in 2023 *
Probably my favourite proof I've read for 2023, by one of my all-time favourite authors Curtis Sittenfeld... it's a brilliantly written, funny page-turner, I want to read it all again. * PANDORA SYKES *
Biting, pacy and great fun. * SUNDAY TIMES, Books to Look Forward to *
A gloriously quick-witted, intelligent love story, with sparkling dialogue and a satisfying plot * THE BOOKSELLER *
One of the most compelling, funny and gorgeous novels I've read in a long time. Curtis Sittenfield is a master of dialogue, and this love story packs serious emotional heft that will leave you rooting for its characters right til the very end. * OTEGHA UWAGBA *
I love Curtis Sittenfeld * BRYONY GORDON *
i am excited beyond belief. This is THE literary event of the year for me * MARINA HYDE *
Curtis has a gift for writing women. Her characters spill off the page in all their messy, complex glory * STYLIST *
Curtis Sittenfeld's zingy new novel tackles media celebrity, the pandemic and romantic frustration with ambition and panache...[An] affable, intelligently crafted tale of work and love * OBSERVER *
A witty, joyful, propulsive new take on the 'celebrity and the civilian' trope, Sittenfeld's novel feels like a classic dish prepared by a master chef and using only the freshest ingredients. I was so sad to say goodbye to these characters; I could have read 300 more pages, easily * CAROLINE O'DONOGHUE *
The abiding pleasure of romantic comedy is that we can worry that they won't while knowing that they will. The genre acts as its own spoiler alert while somehow never lessening the suspense * WASHINGTON POST *
Getting inside a living person's head sounds like a colossally bad idea, but Sittenfeld makes it convincing here, just as she did with a character based on First Lady Laura Bush in her 2008 novel, American Wife * BBC CULTURE *
A thoughtful discourse on celebrity * THE TIMES *
Smart, funny and a fascinating look behind the scenes of a sketch show, it's another exquisitely written novel from Sittenfeld * WOMAN & HOME *
[An] exhilarating love story that will restore your faith in humanity * RED *
A new novel from one of my very favourite writers...Bliss! * GOOD HOUSEKEEPING *
If anyone who can simultaneously skewer and revere the underappreciated rom com genre it's the author of Prep and Eligible * THE I-NEWS *
Expect lots of laughs and dry irony * DAILY EXPRESS *
Sittenfeld's well-crafted will-they-won't-they tale pairs irresistible escapism with equally satisfying observational expertise * MAIL ON SUNDAY *
Curtis Sittenfeld has made a name for herself by writing reliably smart, funny romantic heroines. Her new novel makes it official with a refreshingly irreverent take on the genre. Very funny * DAILY EXPRESS *
Like all the best romantic comedies, the tension lies in the will-they-won't-they back and forth of the story arc and true to all the best examples of the genre, readers will be rooting for Sally to have her much-deserved happy-ever-after * MARIE-CLAIRE, BEST BOOKS OF 2023 *
Scapel-sharp * DAILY MAIL *
Witty and sharp * BELLA MAGAZINE *
Smart, sophisticated and fun * OPRAH DAILY *
Delightful. The woman narrating ROMANTIC COMEDY is hyper-aware of the conventions of romantic comedy, and she knows full well that real life is no fairytale. But could it be this time? * WASHINGTON POST *
Sittenfeld's latest takes a shot of SNL and makes sparks fly * ELLE *
Hilarious, heartwarming * HARPER'S BAZAAR *
If you're looking for a romance with edge, this book is for you. The writing is as intelligent and funny as you'd expect from the author of classics such as American Wife and it's a properly swoonsome love story * GOOD HOUSEKEEPING *
Cancel plans and dive into bestselling author Sittenfeld's hilarious take on the classic will-they-won't-they storyline * ELLE *
Written by one of the very best out there, Romantic Comedy is a novel that you won't want to put down and one you'll want to recommend to everyone you know * GLAMOUR *
An enthralling, humorous and subversive tale set in the world of a live TV comedy show * STYLIST *
Whip-smart, funny and a fascinating look behind the scenes of a sketch show. Curtis Sittenfeld has penned another exquisitely written novel * WOMAN'S WEEKLY *
I ate it up whole. Joyful * EVA WISEMAN, OBSERVER *
Get lost in a modern romantic fantasy * DAILY RECORD *
A humorous take on Hollywood romcoms * BBC BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR *
Sittenfeld's novel continues her wider project of exploring the possibility for a kind of redemptive idealism within our flawed world * GUARDIAN *
Sittenfeld has penned another exquisitely written novel * WOMAN MAGAZINE *
A fizzy love letter to the prototypical romcom * NEW YORK TIMES, Editor's Choice *
So much of Sittenfeld's work exists in the dissection and comprehension of female desire * NEW YORK TIMES *
Flirting with the tropes of its namesake genre, this playful novel follows Sally, a writer on an "S.N.L."-like show called "Night Owls," who falls in love with one of its guest hosts. Their relationship develops via e-mail in the post-grocery-wiping, pre-vaccine days of covid-19. When Sally decides to visit her beloved in L.A., their time together in his Topanga mansion requires her to navigate incredulity, insecurity, and an offer that she feels is an "affront to my independence." The novel is preoccupied with the instinctual nature of self-sabotage, and with the fulfillment that can come from defying ingrained impulses * NEW YORKER *
Insightful romcom sparkles with real wit and wisdom * SUNDAY INDEPENDENT *
Whip smart and really funny * BUSINESS POST *
Scores big on giving readers an insight into the machinations of a TV writers-room * CRACK *
Full of dazzling banter and sizzling chemistry * PEOPLE MAGAZINE *
If you ever wanted a backstage pass to Saturday Night Live, this book is for you * GOOD MORNING AMERICA *
Excellent * MAIL ON SUNDAY *
Both a brilliant portrait of the comedy world and a witty grown-up love story. Lives up to its name * IRISH TIMES *

ISBN: 9780857527493

Dimensions: 240mm x 162mm x 31mm

Weight: 536g

320 pages