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Revolt Against the Sun

The Selected Poetry of Nazik al-Mala'ika: A Bilingual Reader

Nāzik Al-Malā’ika author Emily Drumsta editor


Publisher:Saqi Books

Published:29th Oct '20


Available to order, but very limited on stock - if we have issues obtaining a copy, we will let you know.

Revolt Against the Sun cover

The Iraqi poet Nazik al-Malaika was one of the most important Arab poets of the twentieth century. A pioneer of free verse poetry, over the course of a four-decade career, she would publish prolifically and carved out a space for herself between old and new, tradition and innovation, the time-honoured and the iconoclastic. Revolt Against the Sun presents a selection of Nazik al-Malaika's poetry in English translation for the first time. Bringing together poems from each of her published collections, it traces al-Malaika's transformation from a lyrical Romantic poet in the 1940s to a fervently committed Arab nationalist in the 1970s and 1980s. The translations offer both an overview of her life and work, and an insight into the political and social realities in the Arab world in the decades following the Second World War. Featuring a comprehensive historical and critical introduction, this bilingual reader reveals how one woman transformed the landscape of modern Arabic literature and culture. It is a key resource for students and teachers of Arabic and world literature, as well as for readers interested in discovering an alternative narrative of modern Iraqi culture.

ISBN: 9780863563171

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256 pages