Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education

Deborah Price author Kath Tayler author


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published:1st Apr '16

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Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education cover

How can we support children to reach their full potential and not be constrained by gender expectations?Are gender roles fixed at birth or do they develop through experiences? Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education introduces practitioners to key aspects of gender in the early years and explores how to ensure that children and staff teams are supported in settings that have outstanding practice.

Considering the implications of gender in the context of supporting children, families and practitioners, this book examines the theoretical contexts that surround gender identity and explores current legislation and practice in order to provide practitioners with all the information they need to develop their own work and settings in an open and equal way. Offering a wealth of practical guidance, case studies and reflective questions which link to the EYFS, chapters cover:

  • a theoretical approach to gender development;
  • current legislation and the impact on early years practice;
  • understanding gender fluidity and the way in which children express gender;
  • creating gender equality when working with children and the role of manager in creating a supportive ethos.

Including tasks, reflective points and links to useful websites and organisations, this book will be valuable reading for all early years practitioners and students that want to promote an inclusive environment for the children in their care, their families and colleagues.

"I have read many books and articles on how boys and girls develop in the early years. However, Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education stands out. What I really appreciated about the book was that the format supports a very practical approach to the process of personal and professional reflection and continual improvement. […]This book is ideal for anyone with an interest in issues relating to equality and diversity, and would make a useful tool to support reflection for managers and leaders. It would also provide an invaluable link between theory and practice for those undertaking early years qualifications." Gill Medhurst, Schools Week

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