National Theatre Connections 2023

10 Plays for Young Performers

Jordan Tannahill author Simon Longman author Avaes Mohammad author Molly Taylor author Shamser Sinha author Mr Jon Brittain author Mr Leo Butler author Lisa McGee author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:15th Jun '23


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National Theatre Connections 2023 cover

A new anthology of 10 plays specifically written for young performers as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival 2023.

National Theatre Connections 2023 draws together ten new plays for young people to perform, from some of the UK's most exciting and popular playwrights. These are plays for a generation of theatre-makers who want to ask questions, challenge assertions and test the boundaries, and for those who love to invent and imagine a world of possibilities. The plays offer young performers an engaging and diverse range of material to perform, read or study. Touching on themes like climate change, politics, toxic masculinity and gang culture, the collection provides topical, pressing subject matter for students to explore in their performance. This 2023 anthology represents the full set of ten plays offered by the National Theatre 2023 Festival, as well as comprehensive workshop notes that give insights and inspiration for building characters, running rehearsals and staging a production.

Whether you are looking to stage a full production, explore different styles of text and performance in a lesson or find some starting points for textual analysis and discussion, this folio has a resource that could prove useful. * Drama & Theatre *

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