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Nobody Loves Me

Bobby’s true story of neglect, secrets and abuse

Maggie Hartley author


Publisher:Orion Publishing Co

Published:17th Aug '23


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Nobody Loves Me cover

'I'm very, very bad. I don't deserve to have nice things. Nobody loves me.'

Three young siblings arrive at Maggie's door after being taken into care. Teachers of eight-year-old Bobby spotted distinct hand-shaped bruises on his arm and his dad and stepmother are uncooperative and hostile to Social Services. While they investigate, Bobby, as well as Melodie and Poppy, are looked after in Maggie's home.

As the children settle in, a thought won't let Maggie go. While Melodie and Poppy are clean, well-fed and immaculately dressed, Bobby is pale, severely underweight and extremely quiet. What looks like a case of neglect is actually something much more sinister. Bobby and his half-sisters are hiding a cruel secret, but can Maggie find the truth?

A new true story of hope from Sunday Times bestselling author Maggie Hartley, a foster carer for over 20 years.

'Wow! I did not want this book to end. This story was unlike any other' 5-star Amazon reader review

'Very gripping and powerful read... makes you see what can be going on behind closed doors' 5-star Amazon reader re

ISBN: 9781399606608

Dimensions: 192mm x 124mm x 18mm

Weight: 240g

272 pages