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Sticky Pines: The Wrath of the Blob

Dashe Roberts author


Publisher:Future Human

Published:3rd Aug '23

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This paperback is available in another edition too:

Sticky Pines: The Wrath of the Blob cover

HOT DIGGITY DANGER. The world is in MEGA TROUBLE and only Lucy Sladan knows it. Her dear friend Milo is trapped in a mystifying mile-wide blob, his scheming father has kidnapped her extraordinary neighbours, and an ancient civilisation is hurtling across the galaxy to destroy all life on Earth. But not even an intergalactic invasion can keep Lucy from the mind-melting TRUTH that could save the human race. 

Heart-pumping adventure, interstellar calamities and wild surprises await you in the epic, inevitable and totally astonishing conclusion to the Sticky Pines saga.


'A superlative love letter to the quirky and the unknown' – Aisling Fowler, author of Fireborn 

'Wholly original and absolutely inspired' – Alastair Chisholm, author of Orion Lost 

'A rip-roaring page-turner' – Julie Pike, author of Flame Chasers

'If Douglas Adams had written a children's book with the Duffer Brothers it might read something like this’ – Chris Soul book blog


'Dashe Roberts is the master of sci-fi mystery' – Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of Good News 

'Exceptionally enjoyable' – Jennifer Killick, author of the Dread Wood series

'Gripping, mysterious, hilarious: Sticky Pines is a bedtime destroyer' – Louie Stowell, author of the Loki: A Bad God's Guide series

'Beautifully plotted with vivid characters, Sticky Pines never loses focus and keeps you guessing all the way through' – S.J. Wills, author of the Bite Risk series

'A rollicking mystery adventure series with a fantastic cast of characters and lots of monstery goo... young readers will love the expanding mythology of Sticky Pines' – BookTrust

ISBN: 9781399954150

Dimensions: unknown

Weight: 263g

304 pages