Pink Lion

Jane Porter author


Publisher:Walker Books Ltd

Published:5th Jul '18


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Pink Lion cover

A bold and colourful picture book with a heart-warming story about always being yourself.

A bold and colourful picture book with a heart-warming story about always being yourself. Arnold blends right in with his bright pink flamingo family. Then a growling gang of lions stops by and demands that Arnold should be more lion-like, just like them. Poor Arnold tries but misses his old life. But then his flamingo family is threatened by the growling gang. Is this the moment when Arnold will find his roar?

“Arnold the lion is pink, as is his family of flamingos. He feels he fits right in until a pride of lions meets him at the waterhole and tried to tell him ow a king of the jungle should behave.” * Nursery World *
Throughout, the illustrations boldly coloured, limited palette and loose style add exuberance and fun to the telling of the story about identity and belonging. It does indeed seem that it¹s love that makes a family. * Kirkus Reviews *
Utterly charming Arnold is a lovable character and has potential to become an iconic name in children’s picture books. A sweet and enjoyable tale that your child will want to enjoy over and over again. * The Fountain Review *
This bold and bright picture book will promote discussions about identity and what makes a family. A terrific read-aloud, this is a story of courage, questioning, and belonging. * School Library Journal *
One of the most adorable book covers you will ever see. Bar none. It’s just as engaging on the inside as well. This book will charm your socks off. * NC Teacher Stuff *
Feels like an instant classic in the making, a lovely moral tale with a feelgood end. * Read It Daddy *

ISBN: 9781406362336

Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm x 5mm

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32 pages