The Princess and the Pony

Kate Beaton author


Publisher:Walker Books Ltd

Published:6th Aug '15

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The Princess and the Pony cover

The teeny tiniest of adorable farting ponies gives the biggest of laughs in this riotously inventive new title from Kate Beaton, the artist behind the bestselling Hark! A Vagrant.

Fall in love with a teeny-tiny, roly-poly, cutie pie of a farting pony in this wickedly funny tale from Kate Beaton, the artist behind the comic phenomenon Hark! A Vagrant. Princess Pinecone knows exactly what she wants for her birthday this year. Not a cosy sweater like always, but a horse: a big horse, a strong horse, a horse fit for a Warrior Princess! But when the day arrives, Pinecone doesn't quite get the horse of her dreams... Brave Viking warriors and big surprises abound in this laugh-out-loud title.

Beaton – who has a marvellous talent for capturing nuances of facial expressions in an exaggerated cartoon style – makes Penelope look deeply nonplussed at the barbarian’s cuddliness. […] Children’s books in general, and The Princess and the Pony in particular, seem to have a more mature sense of the way that strength can mean not the biggest gun, but the cutest sweater. -- The Guardian Online * The Guardian Online *
A late addition with big potential, Jon Klassen’s tagline sums it up rather perfectly: “Heart, wisdom and a farting pony.” The deadpan humour is a treat, and it certainly hits the picture book jackpot of making children and adults laugh. * The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide *
Beaton is one of the sharpest, funniest comics creators in the business. Her witty, take-no-prisoners feminism is absolutely on display here, but she doesn't go for an easy girl-power resolution: instead, she lets everyone be both a badass and a sentimentalist. The spreads in this are amazing: the giant fight scene and the warriors in their sweaters? Perfection. It is the perfect, perfect book about girls, gender roles, and adorable ponies. -- Cory Doctorow * Boing Boing *
The Manga style cartoon illustrations are wonderfully expressive and filled with hilarious details, while the daft story has a logic all of its own. Princesses, let alone their ponies, are not normally like this! -- Andrea Reece * Love Reading 4 Kids *
Fall in love with a teeny-tiny, roly-poly, cutie pie of a farting pony in this wickedly funny tale for young children […] Brave Viking warriors and big surprises abound in this warm-hearted tale that’s sure to make both children and adults roar with laughter. * Primary Times *
This hilarious story is wonderfully illustrated in a quirky and whimsicle style. It’s perfect for reading aloud and is sure to engage kids and grown-ups alike. * Inis Reading Guide *
I suspect this one will become a much-requested book in early years settings and infant classrooms: certainly children will love the comic style art work and the determined little warrior princess, but it’s most likely to be the pony that steals the show. * Red Reading Hub *
Beaton, with her background in comics, has a hilarious, fresh style. Her superhero warriors (many of whom are women) are wonderful, her colours are quirky and pacing is perfect. * Children's Books Ireland *

ISBN: 9781406365382

Dimensions: 230mm x 281mm x 4mm

Weight: 245g

40 pages