Well Done, Mummy Penguin

Chris Haughton author


Publisher:Walker Books Ltd

Published:6th Oct '22


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Well Done, Mummy Penguin cover

From Chris Haughton comes a funny, suspenseful celebration of mothers set against an atmospheric Antarctic backdrop.

Mummy Penguin is off to find a fishy dinner for her family. She has to swim very fast, climb a slippery cliff – cu-crunch, cu-crunch, cu-crunch – and even tiptoe past some sleeping seals… Shh! All the while, Little Penguin looks on in awe and says: “Well done, Mummy Penguin!”

The icy – and treacherous! – Antarctic landscapes are breathtaking in this funny and exciting celebration of all that mothers do, and all that mothers are.

Bold colours, simple repetition and a witty ending make this a delightful bedtime read. * Daily Mail *
This book will bring joy to young children and the grown-ups reading to them. * Sunday Times, "The 60 children’s books you should buy this Christmas as chosen by the booksellers of Ireland" *
A visual and storytelling triumph, ideal for reading aloud. * Top Choice, Children's Book Highlights, Irish Independent *
a celebration of mothers. -- Charlotte Eyre * The Bookseller *
With his instantly-recognisable blocky illustration style that combines collage and digital art, Haughton succeeds in creating energetic scenes that will excite the young reader. The book is made to be read aloud, with comforting repetition and text that comes to life; “Cu-crunch… tip-toe… boink boink boink… splash! -- Ruth Ennis * Books Ireland *

  • Short-listed for The Irish Book Awards 2022 (Ireland)

ISBN: 9781406385533

Dimensions: 10mm x 260mm x 270mm

Weight: 490g

40 pages