Francis Bacon in Your Blood

Michael Peppiatt author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:25th Aug '16


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Francis Bacon in Your Blood cover

Deeply intimate memoir-biography of the most important artist of the twentieth century

This non-fiction paperback, "Francis Bacon in Your Blood" from Michael Peppiatt, was published 25th August 2016 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.

This fine portrait of the artist is both gossipy and poignant … [and] one of the best art books I have read, by turns atmospheric and waspishly gossipy but also profound and poignant. -- Michael Prodger * The Times *
A vivid new memoir by the artist’s protégé is set to be a classic … highly entertaining … the narrative comes hurtling off the page with a palpable sense of release and apparently guileless, even artless, candour.The cavalcade of bohemian celebrities goes on and on … captivating...a classic, not only of art writing, but of personal memoir * Sunday Telegraph *
There is a certain grisly satisfaction in watching an artist behave as one expects an artist to. Francis Bacon … always delivered and just how richly is recorded by Peppiatt … A wonderfully vivid account -- Art Book of the Year * Sunday Times *
The best art memoir published in years * Spectator *
An intoxicating tour of the painter’s louchest, and most productive, years -- Susie Rushton * Vogue *
Peppiatt offers a window into the experiences and emotional intelligence of this great artist * New Statesman *
A remarkable book ... it captures what it was like to be in the presence of this brilliant, camp, reckless, waspish, drunken, generous, shameless character. Michael Peppiatt brings him back to life and somehow carries off the near-impossible trick of echoing the repetitive nature of his drunken talk ... while somehow preserving his electricity and effervescence -- Craig Brown * Mail on Sunday *
An intimate memoir of two intense and interlaced lives ... Full of gossip, binges, nausea, bruises, stained sheets, punchlines and death wishes -- Richard Davenport-Hines * Times Literary Supplement *
This fine memoir is more insightful than gossipy, and as a subject Bacon is just about unbeatable * New York Times *
Fascinating and engaging -- Lynn Barber * Sunday Times *
Entertaining, calculated and acerbic, Michael Peppiatt really does seem to have a bit of Bacon in his blood * Spectator *
Every page is fresh, immediate, and flashing with glimpses into Bacon’s complicated psyche -- Donna Seaman * Booklist *
An affecting personal narrative about his friendship with the great painter * Publisher's Weekly *
Francis Bacon’s views on art, death and his bohemian circle make revealing reading in this enjoyable memoir * Independent *
An enthralling, delightful story of two very different men * Kirkus *
Part diary, part art history, part love letter, his memoir captures what it was like to know this brilliant, camp genius … an excellent glimpse into a vanished London bohemia -- Rebecca Wallersteiner * The Lady *

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