The Bone Spindle: The Severed Thread

Book 2

Leslie Vedder author

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

Published: 16th Feb '23



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Fight the Witch. Kiss the Witch. Tie your life to hers with a thread - and a curse. The sequel to The Bone Spindle, a fractured fairy tale based on Sleeping Beauty, with a m/f and a f/f romance.

A pacey, fractured twist on a classic fairy tale!

Having woken the sleeping prince, Briar Rose, Fi and Shane still have a curse to break, and a terrifying foe to face: the Spindle Witch. If they can defeat her, the land of Andar will be free again. The three journey to the secret city of Everlynd, and all the while Fi is fighting her feelings for Briar, while he is fighting the ever-growing pull of the Spindle Witch.

On the way, they are ambushed by Red, the girl who Shane can't stop flirting with and arguing with. The girl in the service of the Spindle Witch. After an accident, the two are forced to work together. But then they're captured by a pack of Witch Hunters. Will Red finally pick the right side?

Packed with kick-ass fight scenes and featuring two romantic storylines, this retelling of Sleeping Beauty is the breath-taking sequel to The Bone Spindle.

ISBN: 9781444966565

Dimensions: 196mm x 126mm x 34mm

Weight: 290g

416 pages