How to Raise the Perfect Dog

Everything you need to know from puppyhood to adolescence and beyond

Adam Spivey author


Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group

Published:2nd Mar '23


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Everything you need to know to raise your puppy and build a bond that lasts a lifetime, with straight-talking advice from the man behind social media sensation Southend Dog Training.

What's going on, guys? Adam here from Southend Dog Training. If you've got a puppy already or you're thinking about getting one in the future, there is tons of advice and guidance to help you with what is - let's be very clear - a pretty massive step in life. If you've seen any of my videos on TikTok or articles on my website, you'll know I'm all about keeping things simple and saying it as it is.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog tells you everything you need to know to train your puppy, with straight-talking advice from Southend Dog Training founder Adam Spivey.

The first twelve months or so of a dog's life are the hardest work, but Adam Spivey can help. He will help you both thrive as you learn to understand your dogs needs and behaviours. Adam's simple, straight-talking approach takes all the nonsense out of dog training and puts your pup at the centre of everything you do.

Read How to Raise the Perfect Dog and build a bond with your dog that lasts a lifetime.

ISBN: 9781472148520

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