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Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre

Performing Literature

Frances Babbage author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:30th May '19

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Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre cover

Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre examines the adaptation of a range of non-dramatic literature within diverse forms of contemporary theatrical performance.

Why are so many theatre productions adaptations of one kind of another? Why do contemporary practitioners turn so frequently to non-dramatic texts for inspiration? This study explores the fascination of novels, short stories, children's books and autobiographies for theatre makers and examines what 'becomes' of such texts when these are filtered into contemporary practice that includes physical theatre, multimedia performance, puppetry, immersive and site-specific performance, and live art. Through its prologue and substantial first chapter, Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre sets out a series of fresh critical perspectives on the theory of adaptation in theatre-making. Subsequent chapters are devoted to the various literary sources for adaptation, with each chapter examining the characteristic features, restrictions and potency presented by the source material, before tracing the ways that they are played out in recent performance projects.

ISBN: 9781472531421

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280 pages