Write Like a Ninja

An essential toolkit for every young writer

Andrew Jennings author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:1st Apr '21


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Write Like a Ninja cover

Write Like a Ninja is a must-have pocketbook for every Key Stage 2 pupil to boost their writing skills. Packed full of word lists, key grammar points and Alan Peat’s exciting sentences, this handy little book will ensure children have everything they need at their fingertips to remember key grammar points, write more varied sentences and make their writing stand out.

‘Super engaging and accessible’ PIERS TORDAY‘Empowers children to be creative, perseverant and write independently’ TEACH PRIMARY‘A must-have book for any young writer’ JANE CONSIDINE‘An imaginative and affordable resource’ CLASS READS If you’re looking for emergency literacy help in a handy, pocket-sized book, then Write Like a Ninja is perfect for you. Crammed full of writing and grammar tips, prompts to get children thinking of rich alternatives and Alan Peat’s exciting sentences, this gem of a book is perfect for children aged 7 upwards either as an invaluable classroom aid or a brilliant dip-in thesaurus to use at home. It contains everything a budding writer needs to flourish as an author and meet the demands of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for English. This engaging, easy-to-use book allows children to write with confidence. There are awesome alternatives for overused adjectives, as well as themed vocabulary lists for describing settings, characters, food and drink, and more. From examples of metaphors, similes and superlatives to verbs, conjunctions and adjectives, this is a user-friendly book that children will turn to again and again to build their own ideas and enrich their writing. This neat little book will save hours of time spent tracking down resources and finding examples for children, and empower them to write independently using rich vocabulary, varied language and exciting sentences – all leading to becoming top writing ninjas! For more must-have Ninja books by Andrew Jennings (@VocabularyNinja), check out the Vocabulary Ninja and Comprehension Ninja classroom and home learning resources.

A super engaging and accessible primer to the fundamentals of language, packed with usable examples, that should be in every classroom. -- Piers Torday * Award-winning children’s writer and author of "The Last Wild", @PiersTorday *
Write Like a Ninja is a must-have book for any young writer that wants to give their writing a kick. I wish that the Vocabulary Ninja was my sensei when I was a child learning how to master the art of writing. -- Jane Considine * Author of "The Write Stuff - Transforming the Teaching of Writing" *
As both a school leader and a parent, I can’t recommend this enough to help children transform their writing. Children will certainly find this essential guide both accessible and engaging. -- Jon Tait * Deputy CEO and Director of School Improvement, @TeamTait *
I've been looking for something which has high quality vocabulary and writing essentials in one place and I've finally found it! Write Like a Ninja brings together vocabulary in a clear and concise way which will allow the children in my class to find what they need and be creative. -- Maaria Khan * Year 6 Teacher and English Lead, @MissKhan__ *
Designed to support the KS2 National Curriculum, this rich resource will help young writers get to grips with grammar in clear and meaningful ways that will enhance their writing. It’s also a handy time-saver for teachers, providing as it does excellent examples that demonstrate grammar in action. -- Joanne Owen * Love Reading 4 Schools *
Every page is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way that will appeal to children, and definitions and examples are included as well as lists that are easy for children to use whilst they are writing. * K and O Bonkers About Books *
The skill of a ninja is the art of winning and this book teaches children how to win at writing. Just as ninjas need a wide range of skills to help them succeed in their mission, this book equips children with what they need for their next writing challenge. -- John Dabell * Teach Primary *
Intended as a quick reference guide, it offers a portable replacement to the types of vocabulary posters you find on many classroom walls. It's an imaginative and affordable resource that every classroom should have. -- John Bolton * Class Reads *
A treasure trove for both teachers and pupils alike... Whether used in the classroom or at home, these books empower children to become confident, independent learners and unleash their full potential. * Preneur World Magazine, on the Like a Ninja series *
Whether children are struggling to find the right words or seeking to elevate their writing to new heights, this book provides the guidance they need to succeed. * Preneur World Magazine *

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