Values and Ethics in Social Work

Peter Jordan author Chris Beckett author Andrew Maynard author


Publisher:Sage Publications Ltd

Published:2nd May '17


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An awareness of one’s own ethical assumptions and how these inform everyday practice is crucial for all student social workers. Social workers who genuinely wish to do the right thing by their services users have no alternative but to constantly think and rethink the principles and assumptions that inform their actions, and this book supports them on their journey to do just that.

This third edition is set out in two parts: Part I deals with broad ideas about values and ethics in general, looking at philosophy, religion and politics, as well as the duty of realism. Part II takes the discussion further, looking at how these general principles are relevant to everyday practice, with chapters on the use and misuse of power, the idea of self-determination, and the challenges of working with people whose experience and outlook are different to one’s own.

Without hesitation, I have recommended previous editions of this text to undergraduate students on the social work course.  It is a highly readable and accessible text, focusing upon core concepts that should be intrinsic to every social work practitioner.  All authors are candid and reflect well on their professional experiences as well as giving a good overview on topics such as the development of values and power.  I also really valued the chapters examining philosophy and religious beliefs; the latter, in particular, is often missing from texts on values and ethics and yet remains core to many practitioners and those with whom they work.

-- Robert Hagan

Values and ethics in Social Work’ is an essential source for student social workers. Its clarity and accessibility make it an invaluable learning source.

-- Brendan Wood
This is an accessible and well-structured read. Whilst having ′social work′ in the title, this book is aimed at a broad audience of social policy, social science, social care as well as social work students and practitioners. It is an up-to-date book, encouraging reflection and analysis, for students and practitioners . -- Adam Bar

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