The Flavour Thesaurus: More Flavours

Plant-led Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for Cooks

Niki Segnit author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:11th May '23


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The Flavour Thesaurus: More Flavours cover

The Flavour Thesaurus: More Flavours examines 92 original flavours and is an indispensable cook's resource.

'Niki Segnit is definitely the reigning champion of matching ingredients' - YOTAM OTTOLENGHI ‘Will inspire a new generation of home cooks, chefs and writers alike' - RUKMINI IYER --_The hugely anticipated follow-up to Niki Segnit’s landmark global bestseller The Flavour Thesaurus In More Flavours, Niki Segnit applies her ground-breaking approach to explore 92 mostly plant-based flavours, from Kale to Cashew, Pomegranate to Pistachio. There are over 800 witty and erudite entries combining recipes, tasting notes and stories to bring each ingredient to life. Together with Niki Segnit’s first book, The Flavour Thesaurus, this is a modern classic of food writing and as much a bedside read as an indispensable kitchen resource. --_'This gorgeous, erudite, learned book puts you in a state of permanent hunger' - ZOE WILLIAMS 'A must-have for food writers and chefs everywhere' - GEORGINA HAYDEN

Matching ingredients isn't a trivial matter and Niki Segnit is definitely the reigning champion. She knows what goes with what and why, and shares her endless insights with generosity and affability * Yotam Ottolenghi *
As brilliant, informative and witty as the first Flavour Thesaurus, this latest by Niki Segnit is certain to become an invaluable companion in your kitchen. The range of flavour combinations and recipe suggestions is incredible, written with lightness of touch and humour that had me laughing out loud at home and on the Tube. An invaluable read - I couldn’t have written any of the Roasting Tin books without reference to the first Flavour Thesaurus: this book will inspire a new generation of home cooks, chefs and writers alike * Rukmini Iyer *
A must-have for food writers and chefs everywhere * Georgina Hayden *
This gorgeous, erudite, learned book puts you in a state of permanent hunger, searching the internet for yuzu. I cook from it, I read it in the bath. You wouldn't believe how many stains I've already got on it, I've only had it a month. * Zoe Williams *
A brand new take on plant-based what-goes-with-what that frees us omnivores to go veggie because it tastes so good. Not so much a recipe-book as an ideas-machine: who'd have thought that brown sauce is sweetened with dates? Inspirational. The woman's a genius * Elisabeth Luard *
The Flavour Thesaurus absolutely transformed the way I thought about ingredients and flavour, and set me on the road to cooking (and mixing cocktails) much more intuitively. It was funny, too, which is rare for a book that is so useful. Through her vivid writing, Segnit's turned up the colour saturation in my sensory world. And I'm pleased to say - in the best possible way - that More Flavours is no different. Segnit has just found 92 (mostly plant-based) new flavours to conjure with ... In a publishing world groaning with identikit food books, [More Flavours] is really unique * Alice Lascelles *
I’ll happily read anything Niki Segnit cares to write: a shopping list, a birthday card - and most definitely this, her third book…As lively as the writing may be, this is a scholarly resource that should always be near the kitchen. I read it, smiling, in a day. * Delicious magazine *
Niki Segnit has done it again…Bedtime and kitchen reading at its finest. * Good Housekeeping *
There are cookery writers, recipe-writers and culinary historians. And then there’s Niki Segnit. She’s the real thing - a genuine, gold plated sui generis (she’s earned herself the Latin)... The essence and genius of the woman lie in the stories and digressions… There are culinary gems aplenty… Revelations abound * The Oldie *
The Flavour Thesaurus: More Flavours is a food manual, bursting with descriptions, suggestions, recipes and science…The first book, a brilliant idea executed brilliantly, provided a jolt. This second volume… [is] if anything more useful than number one because it’s in tune with how many of us eat these days: focusing on plants, but without ruling out meat and fish….Segnit [is] a brilliant writer, a tireless researcher…clearly an excellent cook, but also a discriminating editor…You can read it cover to cover, but better still… read the relevant section and see where the book takes you. If it’s plums, it’ll be to a café in Dittisham, which you’ve reached by ferry from a pontoon on the River Dart. How about that for transportive food writing? * Literary Review *
You can cook from Segnit’s books, learn from them, nerd out over them or just read them like novels, cover to cover, and emerge feeling delighted and enriched. * India Knight, The Sunday Times *

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