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In One Way or Another, We All Transition

Munroe Bergdorf author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:16th Feb '23


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Transitional cover

The wise, life-changing, ground-breaking book from writer and activist Munroe Bergdorf

WATERSTONES' BEST BOOKS OF 2023: POLITICSA riveting blend of memoir and manifesto ... I found myself dog-earing every page’ Elizabeth Day 'Profoundly articulate. Entirely wise. Beautifully real.' Attitude Transitional is a clever, moving book that packs a lot into its 194 pagesGuardianTransitioning is an alignment of the invisible and the physical. It is truth rising to the surface. It is one of the most fundamental aspects of the human condition – a part of our experience as a conscious being, no matter who we are. As time goes on, we all develop as people. We all transition. It’s what unites us, not what separates us. In this life-affirming, heartfelt and intimate book, activist and model Munroe Bergdorf shares reflections from her own life to illustrate how transitioning is an essential part of all our lives. Through the story of one woman’s extraordinary mission to live with authenticity, Transitional shows us how to heal, how to build a stronger community and how to evolve as a society out of shame and into pride.-- PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR: ‘Bergdorf is proof that speaking up for what you believe in can provoke real changeVogueA phenomenon’ Owen Jones, GuardianA powerful and unstoppable new force . . . The world should take noticeTeen VogueOne of the UK’s most committed and outspoken transgender activistsStylist

A powerful rallying cry from an influential voice * Cosmopolitan *
This version of Bergdorf offers a glimpse into the human cost of being a Black trans activist in the unrelenting public sphere ... she puts herself on the firing line to make the world more tolerant for us all * TIME *
The model and trans activist tells the story of her own search for authenticity and argues that we all transition, one way or another * Guardian *
Her much-anticipated manifesto on gender also aims to explore the transitions we all go through in life * iNews *
As Bergdorf beautifully points out: we all transition. Whether it’s growing up and coming of age, reacting to the things that happen to us, learning from our mistakes, dealing with trauma or finding love, we all evolve. This is the book that explores the things that bind us together * Stylist *
A manifesto on gender and an exploration of transitioning * GQ *
By shining a light on the inevitable reality of change, it aims to bring us together and build a more understanding and inclusive world * Dazed *
A compelling non-fiction title from the model and activist that discusses fluidity of identity, sexuality and gender through the experience of transition every human faces at some point in their life * Huffington Post *
An intimate and life affirming exploration * Luxury London *
I am forever in awe of Munroe and all of the incredible things she does * Clara Amfo *
The transgender and model is trailblazing a way for the trans community through her activism * Dailymail *
A riveting blend of memoir and manifesto . . . so enlightening and quotable, I found myself dog-earing every page -- Elizabeth Day
As you start reading Transitional, it might come as little surprise that every word of this honest and enriching book feels very carefully chosen. Then, as she settles into her story, you come to realise the extraordinary intelligence, insight and power of this tenacious woman. She writes unflinchingly about growing up different; a childhood spent trying to conceal the innate femininity that would distress family members, and the ostracisation she experienced at school. Profoundly articulate. Entirely wise. Beautifully real. * Attitude *
It's in this era of the complete dehumanisation of trans people that Munroe Bergdorf’s debut book, Transitional, is needed more than ever. Transitional is a memoir that offers hope. It stretches way beyond Bergdorf’s own gender transition story to explore the many transitions we all go through in our brief time on this earth. Crucially, it reframes the conversation away from the medicalisation of trans people – such a small part of the trans experience – and shifts focus onto the real story, sheer humanity. * Vice *
The model and trans activist writes movingly on prejudice, navigating controversy and personal growth * Guardian *

ISBN: 9781526630315

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224 pages