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Come and Get It Signed Edition

Kiley Reid author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:30th Jan '24


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Come and Get It cover

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Such a Fun Age, a fresh and provocative story about a residential assistant and her messy entanglement with a professor and three unruly students

‘I couldn’t put it down, and I didn't want to either’ EMILY HENRY, no. 1 bestselling author of Happy Place ‘Wonderfully immersive, propulsive and beautifully paced’ PAUL HARDING, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of This Other Eden and Tinkers It's 2017 at the University of Arkansas. Millie Cousins, a senior resident assistant, wants to graduate, get a job and buy a house. So when Agatha Paul, a visiting professor and writer, offers Millie an easy yet unusual opportunity, she jumps at the chance. But Millie's starry-eyed hustle becomes jeopardised by odd new friends, vengeful dorm pranks, and illicit intrigue. A fresh and intimate portrait of desire, consumption and reckless abandon, Come and Get It is a tension-filled story about money, indiscretion and bad behaviour — and the highly anticipated new novel by acclaimed and award-winning author Kiley Reid. PRAISE FOR KILEY REID AND SUCH A FUN AGE 'The book of the year' Independent 'A new literary star' The Times 'Essential. This year's hit debut' Guardian 'A biting tale of race and class' Sunday Times 'I couldn't put this down' Jojo Moyes 'A startling, razor-sharp debut ... Wildly fun and breathtakingly wise' Taylor Jenkins-Reid 'A gripping page-turner with serious things to say about racism, class, gender, parenting and privilege' Madeline Miller

Kiley Reid is an expert at teasing apart the messy, complicated, nuanced layers of social dynamics, and has a rare gift for making the unknown feel intimately familiar and the familiar feel brand new. In Come and Get It, she's crafted a story that moves with the momentum and inevitability of a snowball rolling down a mountain. I couldn't put it down, and I didn’t want to either’ -- Emily Henry, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of HAPPY PLACE
Reading a Kiley Reid novel is like watching a docuseries designed exactly for you. She captures those exceedingly awkward and real human interactions with such precision and specificity that you’re fully invested by the first page. Come and Get It is genius. It’s perfect -- Liz Moore, author of LONG BRIGHT RIVER
Wonderfully immersive, propulsive, and beautifully paced. On page one, there is a story that is already happening, and you’re plunged right into the novel’s world, already up and running, full of real people, and complicated – that is, substantive – as all hell. Just great -- Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of THIS OTHER EDEN and TINKERS
Come and Get It is an engrossing novel full of intimately portrayed characters and the seemingly innocuous choices that lead to life-altering mistakes -- Elizabeth Acevedo, author of FAMILY LORE and THE POET X
A sardonic and no-holds-barred comedy of manners ... Reid is a keen observer­ – every page sparkles with sharp analysis of her characters. This blistering send-up of academia is interlaced with piercing moral clarity * Publisher's Weekly, starred review *
A illuminating study of power, responsibility, and the bad choices we sometimes make, written in the fresh, bright language for which she’s known * Library Journal *
A deft exploration of how microaggressions can lead to macro consequences, Reid’s second outing will appeal to readers who enjoy slow-burn, character-driven novels * Booklist *

ISBN: 9781526632548-S

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400 pages