The Wondrous Prune

Ellie Clements author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:12th May '22


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A hugely commercial adventure for 9+ readers about a girl who discovers she has an incredible magical superpower when her drawings start coming to life. Perfect for fans of Onjali Q. Raúf and Aisha Bushby

‘A warm and charming journey of self-discovery; I particularly liked the irresistible voice of heroine Prune’ - Fiona Noble, Bookseller___ Magic comes from within ... Uprooted by her single mum along with her troublesome older brother, eleven-year-old Prune Robinson is trying to settle in a new town. She figures she can’t burden her hard-working mother with the fact she’s being bullied. Or the fact that her drawings have started coming to life. But with her brother soon in danger, Prune comes to realise that she can’t hide her power forever; in fact, it might just be the one thing that brings her family back together and saves them all. Planned as the start of a series about remarkable children from the same neighbourhood, The Wondrous Prune is poignant and surprising with wonderful wish fulfilment and accessible storytelling.

A wondrous story about being brave and doing the right thing * Efua Traoré *
A delight. A wonderful tale about family and friendship and dealing with emotions * Aisha Bushby *
A warm and charming journey of self-discovery, I particularly liked the irresistible voice of heroine Prune -- Fiona Noble * Bookseller *

ISBN: 9781526638328

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288 pages