Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers

Colm Field author David Wilkerson illustrator


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:16th Feb '23


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The first book in an epic new series for 8+ readers from debut author Colm Field: Jumanji meets Spider-man: into the Spider-verse in this hilarious, high-octane race across the multiverse!

The first book in a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat adventure series from exciting debut author Colm Field.Fans of Danny Wallace, Ben Miller and Rob Biddulph's Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City will race through this epic adventure!Welcome, infinity racers! Prepare for an adventure that’s out of this world … and all of the others! When Kyan finds a battered old racing-car game in the loft, he doesn't believe the big claims written on the box. I mean, what kind of 'Infinite Race' only has seven pieces of track? So it comes as a shock when the game really does take him on the journey of a lifetime – through multiple universes! Whether he’s a space pilot on the trail of underwater aliens or an unwitting robber in a stolen police car, every adventure is more thrilling than the last. When he lands in a universe as a stunt driver racing for a million-pound prize, he thinks he’s found the way to save his family and their home. But the life of an infinity racer is about to prove much more dangerous than Kyan has bargained for …

ISBN: 9781526641748

Dimensions: unknown

Weight: unknown

320 pages